Are You Ready to OVERCOME Podcast

Are You Ready to OVERCOME Podcast

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Episode 36-Overcoming Hurt, Anger, and Pain (Sundai)
October 10, 2019

Join me this week as we talked to Sundai Cook about OVERCOMING hurt, pain and anger.  Sundai used anger as her protection from past hurts.  She used anger to cover and mask a tumultuous childhood.  Explore how God helped her OVERCOME the feelings and e...

Episode 35-Surviving a Suicide Attempt (Trimechia)
October 02, 2019

Join us this week as my guest is Trimechia Jones.  In college she OVERCAME a self attempt on her life.  Through everything that was happening around her, something in her said she didn’t want to live anymore.

Episode 34-I love God but I also Love Sex Apostle Demetra Lock
September 26, 2019

Join me with my guest Apostle Demetra Locke as we talk about being single and loving God and Sex at the same time.  Apostle Locke shares with us her journey as a teenager and young adult who at the time was single, came to church every week,

Episode 33 When Pain Pushes to Purpose
September 18, 2019

Join me with my guest Dominik Primus as we talk about life experiences leading, guiding, and directing you to your purpose.  Dominik is the owner/operator of Cedar Connections. You can visit her site at

Episode 32 Independence Day
July 04, 2019

Today in America we celebrate Independence Day.  What would it be like to be Independent of sin, depression, self-doubt, and worry?  You have to understand your enemy is the pathway to your elevation.  Embrace enemies and elevate.

Trust God-Episode 31
June 12, 2019

If you want to be an OVERCOMER in all parts of your life you must learn how to Trust God .  Join Ed as he discusses how Trusting God even when you are uncomfortable is essential to being an OVERCOMER! - JOIN THE CONVERSATION -

The Cross-Episode 30
April 19, 2019

If you want to be an OVERCOMER in all parts of your life just look at The Cross.  Join Ed as he discusses how The Cross is the foundation and instruction manual on being an OVERCOMER! - JOIN THE CONVERSATION -

Everything You Do Matters-Episode 28
April 10, 2019

You Matter.  Everything you do matters.  Every conversation matters.  If you ever felt like you didn't matter this is the podcast for you. Your presence is important.  Your thoughts are important.  I want you to Overcome the feeling that no one cares a...

Your Pain is Not Unique, You are Not Alone- Episode 28
March 21, 2019

Have you ever thought you were the only one going through something?  Have you ever thought nobody else would understand?  Trust me, your pain is not unique.  It is a trick of the enemy to try and isolate you and tear you down.

No Regrets-Episode 27
March 14, 2019

Live Life with No Regrets.  Instead of living in the Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda's of Life, learn how to live with No Regrets! - JOIN THE CONVERSATION - If you have any questions or comments for Ed, join the conversation.