Are You Just Watching?

Are You Just Watching?

Latest Episodes

X-Men: Apocalypse, Part 1 – AYJW109
October 27, 2020

"How you have fallen from the heavens! You destroyer of nations . . ."—Tim and Eve discuss Satan in relation to X:Men Apocalypse.

September 26, 2020

“What happens, happened” and other mind-bending philosophical anachronisms brought to you courtesy of Christoper Nolan’s TENET

AYJW107 – What We Didn’t Just Watch
August 24, 2020

With few movies to choose from once again, we’re giving you a glimpse into our own personal viewing habits and how we apply the principles that we teach.

AYJW106 – Independence Day, Part 2
July 21, 2020

The characters of Independence Day must turn to God, heed warnings, and be prepared to do battle against a superior foe. Ah the spiritual parallels!

AYJW105 – Independence Day, Part 1
June 24, 2020

The 1996 blockbuster, Independence Day, frames a cliched story of alien invasion around the relationships of four very different families.

Onward – AYJW104
May 22, 2020

The many unintended Christian parallels in Disney Pixar’s Onward include taking the narrow path, walking boldly in the Spirit, possessing the gift of salvation, and mentoring others in spiritual growth.

Togo – AYJW103
April 19, 2020

The Disney+ original movie Togo allows us to ponder the topics of epidemic quarantines, everyday heroes, and a devotion that knows no boundaries.

Emma (2020) – AYJW102
March 19, 2020

An example of a “more polite” era, Emma (2020) demonstrates the pitfall of pride, the dangers of leisure, and the consequences of a loose tongue.

Dolittle – AYJW101
February 16, 2020

Dolittle is an entertaining children’s movie that gives insights into relationships and communication.

Rise of Skywalker – AYJW100
January 20, 2020

A culmination of decades, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker encompasses themes of redemption, identity, and sacrifice.