Are You Ready for Another...?

Are You Ready for Another...?

Latest Episodes

148: Stay Calm. Stay Strong
April 03, 2024

The bucket list journal and setting life goals.

147: Data Nerd
February 18, 2024

New Apple products and 2024 goals.

146: Stabbed With a Knife
December 04, 2023

Michael talks about the King Kong and Fast and Furious Ride at Universal Studios.

145: Euphoric
November 14, 2023

Setting goals, completing said goals, and the future.

144: Money Grab
November 06, 2023

The boys talk about trips to Colorado and Disneyland.

143: Like the Land of Oz
October 04, 2023

Trips to Colorado and a 3 month review of the Rivian.

142: Airplanes and Thunder
September 05, 2023

The boys are back at the lake with Tory.

141: When You Palm It
June 02, 2023

Kevan gives us a running update and Michael has a new toy, the Rivian R1T

140: Making Memories Is Hard Work
May 05, 2023

The boys talk trips with kids and planning for the unknown.

139: Our Fairy Butler
March 27, 2023

The boy break down 5 things they wish they could automate in their life.