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Blog Archived - Diamond and Silk®

Illegal Immigrants say they have rights too!

September 15, 2015

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The United States have always kept it house doors open to the world and for years, failed policies and no regards for the law have allowed people to enter our country without consequences. Most Americans thought this was part of the norm for illegal immigrants to be in our country because the traditional politicians told us they were considered undocumented workers and they were doing jobs that the American people would not do. Our politicians coerced Americans into believing that undocumented workers would work in our fields picking fruit, but wow, look at how years later, things have completely changed, Undocumented workers are really illegal immigrants that drive down wages in this country and take jobs that the American people can do. This quote about them “doing jobs that Americans won’t do” is just a justification for some companies to hire illegal immigrants. The American people have allowed the traditional politicians to get away with not securing our nation boarder and the situation had gotten out of hand. I am a believer like this; if you don’t fix the problem, then the problem gets bigger.

Now that the problem has gotten bigger, illegal immigrants no longer feel that they are breaking the law; they now feel like they have the same right to be in this country just like the immigrants that did the right thing to become a citizen of this country. They march as if that are entitled to all of Americas offerings, demanding that America treat them as equal to Americans without realizing they are not Americans, they are immigrants that entered our country illegally which make them an illegal immigrant that has now committed a criminal act. They march and throw around derogatory words and then in the same sentence they say they come over here for a better life and demand that America give them that life, but refuse to march in their own country demanding that their president put policies in place so that they can have a better life in their own country.

Our incompetent politicians have allowed illegal immigrants to come into America’s house and tell Americans where to sit, they have taken advantage of our system and all of the loopholes then when illegal immigrants are done, using America, they send their money back to the same place and same system that they left to come here for. This is what the American people, the Silent Majority is tired of, this is why we, the American people don’t need another traditional politician, we need someone that is going to tell the American people the truth about a system that is completely flawed, a system that has been mismanaged for decades, a system that locks its own people up for breaking and entering but give illegal immigrants a pat on the head for breaking across our borders and entering illegally. We need someone to fix the problem and not just talk about the problem.
If we are a nation that is governed by laws, then we don’t get to pick and choose which law to follow, we should follow all laws. We say that we are the home of the free, but the free is costing the American people, we say that we are the home of the brave, then why do others get bent out of shape when a man name Donald J Trump is brave enough to stand up and tells the truth about our flawed system. If we are a nation that allows immigrants to come into our country, then we should demand that they come in the right way by getting in line and waiting their turn just like all of the other great immigrants in this country.

Diamond and Silk