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Stan Gordon - PA UFO / Anomalies Investigator - Arcane Radio
August 31, 2019

Join me as I welcome Pennsylvania UFO / anomalies investigator and colleague Stan Gordon to Arcane Radio. Stan began his interest in the UFO subject and other strange incidents at the age of ten in 1959. He began in the field investigations of UFOs and o.

Dennis Carroll - Paranormal Investigator / Researcher - Arcane Radio
August 24, 2019

Join me as I welcome paranormal investigator, researcher and folklorist Dennis Carroll to Arcane Radio. Dennis has 40+ years of experience in the field of the paranormal. He has studied, researched, and investigated many aspects pertaining to the paranor.

Linda Godfrey - Investigator / Author - 'I Know What I Saw' - Arcane Radio
August 17, 2019

Join me as I welcome anomalies investigator, author and artist Linda Godfrey to Arcane Radio. Linda has written 19 books on strange creatures, phenomena and people. As a journalist, she was the first to break the story of a terrifying, werewolf-like mons.

Dave Emmons - UFO Contactee / Experiencer - Arcane Radio
August 10, 2019

Join me as I welcome UFO contactee / experiencer Dave Emmons to Arcane Radio. At 14 years of age Dave witnessed his first UFO with a friend. He later found an implant in his left testicle that looked like a small oblong pill. He began to experience vivid.

Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research Case Updates - Arcane Radio
July 27, 2019

Tonight, I was joined by two members of the Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team. Tobias Wayland is an investigator and researcher who is based in Madison, Wisconsin. His group is The Singular Fortean Society which can be found at

Tim Swartz - Author, Photojournalist and Radio Host - Arcane Radio
July 20, 2019

Join me as I welcome author, photojournalist and radio host Tim Swartz to Arcane Radio. Tim is an Indiana native and Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer, and is the author of a number of popular books including 'The Lost Journals of Nikol.

Christopher Balzano - Writer / Researcher / Podcaster - Arcane Radio
July 06, 2019

Join me as I welcome writer, researcher and podcaster Christopher Balzano to Arcane Radio. Christopher is the current host of the podcast 'Tripping on Legends' and has been documenting the unexplained since 1994. He is the author of several books about r.

Ginette Matacia Lucas - Speaker / Professional Psychic / Dowser - Arcane Radio
June 29, 2019

Join me as I welcome speaker, professional psychic and dowser Ginette Matacia Lucas to Arcane Radio. Ginette is known for working with police, families and businesses on various projects - from missing persons, finding missing objects, finding treasure a.

Ronald Murphy - Folklorist, Paranormal Investigator and Author - Arcane Radio
June 15, 2019

Join me as I welcome folklorist, paranormal investigator and author Ronald Murphy to Arcane Radio. Ronald L. Murphy, Jr. has professionally published short stories, poetry, had a play produced, and this, his first novella. A graduate of the University of.

Jack Cary - Cryptozoologist / Author - 'Paranormal Planet' - Arcane Radio
June 08, 2019

Join me as I welcome crypto researcher and investigator Jack Cary to Arcane Radio. Jack is the founder and current director at the Paranormal Intelligence Agency and a protege of the late JC Johnson at Crypto Four Corners, where he continues as a researc.