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Aquatic Mentors

Supporting Your Swimmers

May 02, 2020

Podcast Episode – Supporting Swimmers


As aquatic facilities, swim schools and swim clubs close due to the corona virus we need to spend the down time keeping in contact with our swimmers and their families.

Everyone is looking for some form of normality during this crazy time and by keeping in contact we can provide that stability while also keeping our businesses and sport at the forefront of our swimmers thoughts ready for when they can return.

Supporting swimmers during other down times including the Winter break for Summer only clubs or school holidays and renovations can be useful to keep swimmers engaged.

I’ve come up with a few ideas to will help you strategies and programs for your swimmers.



  • Help swimmers stay fit
  • Send activities related to swimming
  • Post content on social media
  • Help swimmers with school work
  • Helping older swimmers take on leadership and committee roles
  • Newsletters
  • Weekly challenges
  • Competitions
  • Helping swimmers volunteer in the community
  • Run events which fundraise for charities close to your swimmers
  • Start a charity are of your swim school or club
  • Mentor a swimmer through there school
  • Offer swimmers volunteer or paid work
  • Survey swimmers and parents about different topics to learn more about them



  • I would love to hear any ideas or programs you have in place to keep you connected to your swimmers.



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