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Giving Back

May 02, 2020

Podcast Episode - Giving Back to Mentors


Lately, one of my mentors has gone above and beyond to listen to my ideas and guide me. She offers me priceless advice and includes me in amazing opportunities. My mentor also believes in my ideas enough to pass them on to others who have a stake in the same area.

I am always thankful, and make sure I do what I can to promote her cause in my work, but sometimes I feel this isn’t enough.

A heart felt thank you message is always a great start to showing your appreciation for all their hard work but there is so much more you can do.

Ways to Give Back:

  • A thank you message
  • Showing gratitude

  1. Be more specific on how they have helped you than when you right a standard thank you message

  • Actually using the advice and information our mentors give us
  • Take the core information and adapt it to what you need
  • Provide feedback

  1. Your relationship and their mentoring skills will not develop unless they know where they should be heading

  • Take a genuine interest in your mentor as a person

  1. Get to know them
  2. Build that friendship
  3. Ask them about their family/hobbies/sports they like
  4. Connect on a deeper level
  5. Don’t assume you know them

  • People are more willing to help you if you help them
  • Respect their time
  • Gifts
  • Public Mentions

  1. Mention your mentors when you’re talking about your work
  2. Promote your mentor and their work

  • Be successful

  1. Your mentors want to see you succeed and prosper
  2. Show the what you can achieve

  • Celebrate successes with them
  • Mentor others

  1. Pass on the knowledge your mentor has given you
  2. Make a difference in someone else’s life

  • Ask them what they might need or want to help them achieve their goals

  1. Proof reading their work
  2. Taking their surveys
  3. Offering an opinion on their work
  4. Great one to use on your managers

  • Connect them with other people in your network

  1. Connect with people that may influence them
  2. Connect with people who would use their products/services

  • Giving to one of their favorite not-for-profits
  • Paying your mentor
  • Try and give back more than you ask for which can be difficult


So, next time your mentor offers you some great advice, think about how you can show your appreciation in a different way.

Do you have a special or unique way of giving back to your mentor? Please share it with me.


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