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May 02, 2020

Podcast Episode – Mentor


  • A mentor can help you grow your business.

  • Build a long term relationship with your mentors.

  • Mentors give you their time

  • They have more life experience than you

  • 'On my walks, every man I met is a superior to me in some way, and in that, I learn from him.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson


  • Inspirational mentor.

  • Need a network of different types of mentors. Can change throughout life as we grow and develop.

  • Have a plan

  • You need to know what your good at and weak in before looking for a mentor so you can find a mentor which will help you grow.

  • Ask yourself what are your strengths, skills, what are you good at and where you need to grow?

  • Your mentor is there to up skill you.

  • Mentors give feedback to help us improve.

  • Who do you look up too – ask who you want to be in life, visualise it, visualise someone/people you admire.

  • You can learn from mentors by watching them or reading there work.

  • List the people you want to connect with and become mentors and research these people and their connections to see if you have any links so you can get a warm connection through someone else.

  • Look for someone with a great network already that they can draw on to help you.

Finding a Mentor:

  • You can plan for a mentor but sometimes mentors will just appear in your life

  • Have more than one mentor for different parts of your life-network of mentors

  • Someone in your network could introduce you to someone or has a connection to a mentor you would like.

  • Have the courage to connect with people.

  • It’s great to ask your manager to appoint you a mentor in the workplace.

  • Not all good mentors are in the same field as you

  • In his Ted X Talk Doug Stewart voiced the idea that there are 51/2 types of mentors.

  • Mentor type 1 – World View – Someone who can see past your prospective and help you navigate towards your vision

  • Mentor type 2 – Street view – Stands with you in your prospective

  • Mentor type 3 – Time machine – People in your past – can be anyone

  • Mentor type 4 – Stealth mentor – Those people that are mentors but don’t know to

  • Mentor type 5 – Categorical – Like a filling cabinet of information which you can take bits of information from

  • Mentor type 5 1/2 – Anti-mentor/Half a mentor – The person that shows you what you don’t want to be

Working with a Mentor:

  • Take ownership of your own opportunities

  • Prove to your mentor that you are worth the time they are investing in you

  • Once your mentor has agreed to work with you than take the ownership of the opportunities and get the most out of it.

  • Also take ownership of all the other opportunities your mentor provides you and make the most of them.

  • What to ask your mentor

  • Take intuitive and be vocal about what you want to learn - Mentee’s should be the driver of the relationship

  • Ask them questions about their life, how they have handled certain situations, what their opinion is, what books they read, what they like to learn about

  • Help guide your mentor by showing them what you want to learn

  • Personal responsibility and countability – Mentorship is for yourself with the help of other people.

  • Be grateful

  • Your mentor may have a difference of opinion to you so remember to change or adapt your thinking

  • If your mentor does correct you than listen to their feedback – they are not picking on you

  • We can vent our frustrations to mentors but remember that once we have vented we need to fix the problem.

  • Learn how to mentor from your mentor.

  • Giving back to your mentor-use what your good at – listen to episode 3 for more ways to give back to your mentor

  • As you grow and your life changes your need for mentors will change.

  • Mentors may not last a life time but we should always be grateful for the impact they have had on our life


  • Celebrate your success with your mentor.


  • Mentoring can be a very mutual relationship - A mentor mentors the you but sometimes can mentor your mentor

  • Give back and make a better society by mentoring others and pass on the knowledge you receive.


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