Aquatic Mentors

Aquatic Mentors


May 02, 2020

Welcome Episode


Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Aquatic Mentor Podcast.

  • Introduction – My name is Katrina van Eyk and I come from a small town in country Victoria, Australia, called Pyramid Hill. I live on a farm with my husband who is a cropping and hay farmer and my 3 cheeky children.

  • Background in swimming - In 2015 I started my Summer swim school at the Pyramid Hill Outdoor swimming pool with 15 swimmers. We ran lessons for all ages in a 8 week program and this year we have grown to 2 venues, 2 swim teachers and 55 swimmers. We also develop and teach school swimming programs for country schools. During summer I also work with Aquatics and Recreation Victoria as a Regional Coordinator for the VICSWIM program covering 12 country swimming pools. I volunteer as one of the squad coaches for the Kerang Amateur Swimming and Lifesaving Club and last year I was nominated and accepted the role of club president. Over the winter months I work for one of our local councils helping teach and develop their learn to swim program in the local therapy pool. Since first qualifying as a Swim Teacher I have now gained qualifications in a number of extension courses including my Bronze/Development coach and I am a qualified ASCTA/Swim Australia presenter.

  • Background in mentoring – Many mentors in my life, mentoring kids in town

  • Reason for starting podcast – I have been wanting to start this podcast for a while but the effects of the Corona Virus on the aquatic industry has finally kicked me into gear. With a number of facilities having to close with no idea of reopening times I wanted to spread some good cheer and give back to the industry which has given me so much. I have been impacted by mentors throughout my life and I believe there is a great advantage in having someone who supports you through your life and business. Through this podcast I hope to pay forward the generosity my mentors have shown me by supporting my listeners.

  • Structure of the podcast – Interviews with ASCTA swim teachers and grassroots swim coaches, personal opinion pieces, interviews with industry professionals on topics effecting swimmers and swim teachers and grassroots swim coaches.

  • Topics – Mentoring, Supporting swimmers, Work/Life balance, Networking, Self-doubt, ASCTA courses and many more topics.

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