Anything But Idle

Anything But Idle

Google Workspace for All, Safety First, and the Productivity and Technology News This Week

June 22, 2021

This is Episode 066, Google Workspace for All, National Safety Month, and More Productivity and Technology News This Week, and we’re recording this on June 21, 2021.

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In this Cast | Google Workspace for All

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Headlines & Show Notes | Google Workspace for All

Resources we mention, including links to them, will be provided here. Please listen to the episode for context.

* Microsofts new Fluid Office documents are coming to life in Teams OneNote and more* Snap removes speed filter linked to reckless driving lawsuits* Google Meet turns on noise cancellation for more users by default to reduce distractions* Krisp (premium noise cancellation software)* Google Chrome Will Return to Showing Full URLs* FaceTime on iOS 15 Alerts You If You Try to Talk While Muted * Asana adds video messaging because this meeting could've been an email * Qatalog: Productivity software overload is killing workers’ productivity* Remote Work Is Changing the Way We Do Our Jobs—For the Better Spin Sucks* Focus Mode and Contextual Computing* A Common Mistake in Weekly Reviews * Productivity startup Time is Ltd. raises $5.6M to be the Google Analytics for company time* Gmail Templates | HTML Email Templates | How to Set up Email Templates in Gmail - cloudHQ* Grammarly* Google Workspace soon to be available to everyone via an individual subscription

Extra News

* CloudReady v90.1 now available!