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E5 - Dr Edwin Johnson | Smart Surfaces of the Future
March 06, 2021

I am joined (in late Dec 2020) by Dr Edwin Johnson, a recent PhD graduate from the University of Newcastle and current Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Sheffield. We discuss his PhD titled Competition in Polymer Brushes – Understanding specifi

E4B - Anthony Saltis - Competence and Culture
November 07, 2020

This is part 2 of the episode co-hosted by Kas Gregory and Supakarn Nakavisut, interviewing Anthony Saltis. We discuss time travel, Capitalism, mobile phones in society, the Dunning-Kruger Effect, education, children in parliament and happiness vs product

E4A - Anthony Saltis | Philosophy and Medicine
September 20, 2020

This episode is co-hosted by Kas Gregory and Supakarn Nakavisut. We interview Anthony Saltis about Philosophy and Medicine, touching on Medical and medicinal anthropology, medical ethics, identity, and the construct of time. Sometimes we got a bit side-tr

Coast Run Goes Global Announcement
September 15, 2020

Register: Donate:   Transcript: Hello, and welcome to Anion The Future. This is a quick announcement for the Coast Run Goes Global Event. The event is raising money for the Children’s Med

E3 - Dr Sarah Pearson | Innovation | Particle Physics, Cancer Diagnosis & Cadbury
August 20, 2020

I am joined by Dr. Sarah Pearson, the current Deputy Director-General for Innovation at Advance Queensland. We discuss Sarah’s career that started in Particle Physics but has since included, cancer research, Cadbury confectionary, and the Department of Fo

E2C - Brent Gregory | Future Universities, Networks & Creativity
August 14, 2020

Brent and I discuss the future of Universities, the importance of soft networks and clusters of competence, creativity and the 6 thinking hats. New music in the introduction by Supakarn Nakavisut (@BARE MUSIC - 00:00:43 – Intro (Mu

E2B - Brent Gregory | Accounting & Making the World a Better Place
August 10, 2020

Brent and I discuss Accounting and its role in society, touching on COVID-19. We than walk through his career, with a slight divergence to discuss the Earle Page College Coast Run, that has now was over half a million dollars for the Children's Medical Re

E2A - Brent Gregory | Hypnosis, NLP and Learning | The Power of the Mind
July 25, 2020

In this episode I am joined by Brent Gregory to discuss the power of the mind. Timestamps: 1:00 - Hypnosis 4:50 - Wheelchair story 8:50 - People don’t tell the truth 11:00 - We’re all constantly hypnotising each other 13:00 - Teaching and NLP 19:00 - The

E1 - Professor Sue Gregory | Virtual Worlds and Online Learning
July 10, 2020

In this first episode of Anion The Future I am joined by Professor Sue Gregory to discuss the future of education.Timestamps:3:10 How prepared was the education sector for COVID-19?7:47 Unexpected Challenges that have evolved11:05 Virtual Learni