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Pandemic Puppy Training: A Conversation with Kama Brown
August 04, 2020

  I’ve noticed many people who have puppies or have recently adopted dogs. Maybe it’s due to the pandemic and you’re spending more time at home and think it’s a good time to add a furry member to your family. Whatever the reason,

Veterinary Cancer Research & Clinical Trials: A Conversation with Kim Selting, DVM
July 16, 2020

  One of the most devastating moments I’ve ever experienced is recognizing my pet wasn’t feeling well or something just didn’t seem right. It could be turning up their nose at food, not having as much energy or not playing like they had before.

Living With and Loving a Pet With Behavioral Problems – A Conversation with Kristin Buller, LCSW & Kelly Ballantyne, DVM
July 03, 2020

  Welcome everyone to another episode of the Animal Academy Podcast. The focus of this podcast has been on the many ways that animals make our lives whole and how they add many benefits to our quality of life. But,

PUPPIES! A Conversation with Tori Peacock
June 21, 2020

  Welcome to this episode of The Animal Academy Podcast. I’m excited to have this conversation wth my niece, Tori Peacock, who has just become the proud Mom of a Yorkie named Byron! I also recently added a Golden Retriever puppy named PJ to my househol...

Scratching Veterinary Itches: A Conversation with Wayne Boillat, DVM
May 20, 2020

  One of THE most important people in your pet’s life is their veterinarian. Establishing a positive and ongoing relationship with a veterinarian is so important. Just as we should follow up with our own health care,

Teaching a Dog in a Smart Way Doesn’t Have to Be Hard: A Conversation with Ginger Kinion…
May 12, 2020

  Have you ever wondered how to motivate your dog to do certain things or how to work through barriers in your training? Have you wondered how to keep obedience training fun and creative? When I remember the important people who got me started in dog o...

In-Home End of Life Care – Celebrating Pets’ Lives with Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff
April 27, 2020

  A few months ago, I had to say goodbye to my 12 year old Golden Retriever, Chip. It was extremely difficult as it has been with all of the pets I’ve lost over the years. Several years ago I met Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff at a fundraiser to help a local an...

A Self Care Kit During a Time of Crisis – from The Animal Academy Podcast
April 17, 2020

  Hello everyone. I decided to share this solo Podcast episode to reflect upon my own human experience during this recent health crisis instead of my normal content as host of the Animal Academy Podcast or solely upon my experience as a licensed clinic...

Reflections with Pat Kasten – The Animal Whisperer
March 28, 2020

  My guest tonight is Pat Kasten Long time animal lover and trainer. As a child she was called the animal whisperer because of her ability to connect and bond with them. During this episode we will discuss her interesting life with animals and some of ...

HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response Program with Nick Meier
March 17, 2020

  I’m sure you’ve heard about animals being used to comfort people during times of crisis, whether it be a national or local disaster. Have you ever wondered how these animals were trained to use these very unique skills known as animal-assisted crisis...