Thursday Thoughts Over Tea

Thursday Thoughts Over Tea

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Relax, Relate, Release...Boo
July 28, 2023

Find your happy, keep your joy, protect your peace when you are mentally exhausted, depend on that thing or activity that will center you and put you back on your post and give yourself grace when you're doing it... --- Send in a voice message: https:/

Like It or Love It Imma Do Me...
July 20, 2023

Why is it so easy for we women to bash men for doing things to make them feel good about themselves, but with that same voice we screaming take me as I am with all my enhancements because it makes me feel good and I'm doing it for me... at some point we g

My Trauma Unresolved
April 06, 2023

So watching the Ms. Pat Show and episode was very triggering for me it was on molestation...Made me think back to some trauma that was unresolved at one point in my life, but also this is a topic that is swept under the rug in so many families because in

Hmmm... Look At Her Body
March 30, 2023

Why are we so divided in who's body is natural and who body is fake? Why does it matter, is it even anyone's business. We get so caught up in tearing each other down for our choices and blinded my competition that we have lost focus on unity as a whole. W

Men Need Safe Spaces Too...
January 05, 2023

In this episode I had a round table discussion with men of different ages, on how they deal with mental health, if they feel women provide safe spaces for them to share how they feel and what they need. Also got some I put from some young ladies on provid

Baby I Am The Why...!
November 18, 2022

Have you ever shared your why with others and forgot to include yourself, maybe you thought it made you look self absorbed, maybe you forgot that completing something for you is a big deal, no matter the reason, I want to encourage you to always include y

Our Mental Health Matters
February 17, 2022

So often we allow our upbringing to dictate how we handle our mental health, we suffer in silence because we are not giving the tools to unload the stressors of life, because to need therapy is for the week, but at some point we have to realize our mental

If We Endured It, They Can Learn It
January 27, 2022

Like many moments in history, anything pertaining to African American history will be white washed, or will show only the parts that make us look like wild animals needing a master to tame us or show us the way... So are we really surprised they dont want

I'm A Hoarder Of My Emotions
November 04, 2021

Ever had to declutter your personal space, and had an emotional breakthrough and breakdown at the same darn time? Well sometimes we become hoarders to our emotions and packing them away has become so routine that we never know it has actually contributed

I Need A Travel Bae...
June 17, 2021

Did you know that people meet up just to travel. What is a travel bae, what are the rules, where do i sign up. Well lets discuss it in today's episode of Thursday Thoughts Over Tea. Let the fun and travel begin --- Send in a voice message: https://anch