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Presence: The Art Of Being At Home In Yourself With Tracy Cochran
June 24, 2024

Hello beautiful souls! Tracy Cochran has been a student of meditation and spiritual practice for almost 50 years. She is also a long-time teacher, as well as a writer, the editorial director of Parabola Magazine, and the founder of the Hudson River Sangha

When A Loved One In Heaven Uses Morse Code To Get Your Attention: An Angel Story Unlike Any Other
June 20, 2024

Hello beautiful souls! Over the years we've collected over 1,000 angel stories, and yet I've never heard one like this. I've never heard of a loved one on the Other Side using Morse Code to communicate a message . . . but that's exactly what happened to o

Briefly Perfectly Human: Making an Authentic Life by Getting Real About the End With Alua Arthur
June 17, 2024

Hello beautiful souls! Welcome to another enlightening episode of Angels and Awakening! Today, we have the privilege of hosting Alua Arthur, a beacon of spiritual wisdom and Americas foremost death doula, on our show. Aluas memoir Briefly Perfectly Huma

Healing Grief: What Works, What Doesn't, And The Insights One Husband Learned Along The Way with Warren Kozak (An Angel Story)
June 13, 2024

Hello beautiful souls! Warren Kozak said after the passing of his wife, "To those around memy friends, my colleagues, even my daughterI appear normal, but in one very fundamental way, I am not. The old me left with my wife. Im not sure who this new per

How To Reclaim Your Freedom, Energy, and Power in a Time of Uncertainty with Happiness Expert Emma Seppälä
June 10, 2024

Hello beautiful souls! Emma Seppl, the acclaimed author of The Happiness Track maps a bold and fresh, science-backed path to break the bonds of self-destructive patterns and beliefs and live a fuller, more authentic life. Her new book Sovereign delivers

The Power To Heal The Wounds Of Your Past, Create Your Present, And Build Your Future Is in Your Own Hands with Dr. Kate Truitt
June 06, 2024

Hello beautiful souls! Dr. Kate Truitt was set to be married when just weeks before, her fiance passed away. A world renowned neuroscientist, psychologist and trauma expert, Kate says, "The power to h

NEW Spiritual Retreat & Update w/ Julie Jancius (Bonus Episode)
June 05, 2024

Hello beautiful souls! Want to experience an energetic reset, a mental reset, and a visionary reset you will come out of this retreat feeling like a whole new you. Join us October 4-6, 2024 in Oak Brook, Illinois for our new Spiritual Retreat. This retr

Hospice Nurse Julie McFadden On What We Can Learn From Signs and How To Live More Fully
June 03, 2024

Hello beautiful souls! What if we didnt consider death the worst possible outcome? What if we discussed it honestly, embraced hospice care, and prepared for the end of our lives with hope and acceptance? In her new compassionate and knowledgeable book, T

When Loved Ones Send You Messages In Dreams (An Angel Story)
May 30, 2024

Hello beautiful souls! Have you ever had a visitation dream from a loved one on the Other Side? And that dream felt so real and vivid? I believe that is one way our loved ones connect with us from the Other Side. In today's episode, Danielle shares an an

How To Heal Your Vibration Naturally with Jacqueline Suskin
May 27, 2024

Hello beautiful souls! I had so many ah-ha moments during this interview. Jacqueline seems to me to be a healer who connects to energies of flow within the Earth and the seasons. She helped me to see poetry in a different way: As mini flowing messages f