From Paper To People

From Paper To People

The Conversation in Specifics - Black Lives Matter in Genealogy, Too

July 03, 2020

This is the soundtrack of the YouTube video I released on June 10th, combined with some further explanations and discourse in reference to Reparational Genealogy. It contains challenges to White American genealogists to use social media platforms to start to publicize the facts about their slaveholding ancestors. For those White American genealogists whose ancestors didn't enslave, there are questions to answer, and the same challenge to be met, concerning the truth of how our post-Civil War and non-slaveholding ancestors still benefited from White Privilege. This is a hot topic, too hot for some. It's not a new topic; I've been discussing aspects of it here since the beginning of 2018, and for some years before that elsewhere.

I'm asking that you set your biases, fears, and preconceived notions and do the work of actual genealogy - examine the historical accuracy of what you've been told, of your assumptions, and of your responsibility for correcting an absurdly biased history that has been forced upon American students since the participating soldiers in the Civil War were still alive. If this is too hot for you, I have to say it - this isn't the place for you. I have held my tongue for too long. It's time to do the hard work of self-examination, and of reexamination. I hope that you'll listen, and that you'll join in the work.

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