From Paper To People

From Paper To People

The Family Cookbook - Keep it Sweet for COVID

March 26, 2020

Are your kids bored with homeschooling yet? How about some good, old-fashioned Home Ec! Were you required to take Home Economics in order to graduate? I may be dating myself, but I was. We had to learn how to cook, and one of the best lessons was making candy. My mom had it even better - she grew up in a household where making candy was a part of the family's culinary tradition. Some of these recipes go back to my great-grandmother, at least one goes to my grandmother's friend Mrs. Tully, and others are ones my grandmother used and then passed down to my mom. The best thing about those last ones are the crummy high-school typing on the cards - my mom was learning as she went! So give these recipes a try with your kids. Fill them full of sugar. Then, make them run on the treadmill so they don't knock over all of your furniture. They'll learn something, you'll have a project to complete together, and homeschooling won't be just books and exercises on the computer. Take care, pumpkins! Wash your hands!

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