From Paper To People

From Paper To People

What If Ancestry Takes Out a Loan - Being Prepared

August 16, 2019

Don't be alarmed, but I'm about to alarm you. A little. Well, I'm going to make you think a bit, anyway. Nothing will happen tomorrow, but it sounds like Ancestry's parent company, Permira Advisers LLP, is willing to take out a very risky loan in order to fund a move that would denude Ancestry of $900 million. Yikes. I learned this from an article in Bloomberg, which you can read for yourself and assess: Owners Aim to Extract $900 Million Payout With Loan. I was fueled by concern and milk chocolate today, so I recorded this one without a script or a net!  If I made errors in my ill-educated understandings or assumptions about markets, economics, finance or financial risk, feel free to contact me and I'll include POLITE comments in the next episode (don't be a Jeffrey, mmkay?). In this episode, I'll discuss what I think they're thinking, and what we should be considering and doing as genealogists, family historians and researchers to keep our work safe day to day.

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