From Paper To People

From Paper To People

Get Out of Your Head!

May 18, 2019

No, seriously, get out of your head, Whenever you hit a brick wall, a Jeffrey, a Jeffreytina, one of Ancestry's infamous hang-ups, someone who's a 125cM match on AncestryDNA but who won't build a tree (but asks YOU to do it for him/her), or the documents start swimming before your eyes, it's time to STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER and get out of your head and into your body. Or, at least, get into a different part of your head. This episode discusses some of the ways that I step back in order to get straight, and the rules I've set for myself in order to stay sane on a day-to-day basis while trying to get healthy, record a podcast, run a bunch of Facebook groups, manage my Twitter, manage a new newsletter, Patreon, my Facebook page and, of course, my Ancestry and AncestryDNA while starting The Reparational Genealogy Project. You may not need the rules that I need, but it's good to talk about solutions when we spend so much time talking about the problems of burnout, 18-hour rabbit holes, too much coffee and jet lag from conference travel. Listen, and see if any of the solutions I suggest make sense for you.

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