And the Nominees Were...

And the Nominees Were...

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1972: Sounder
August 23, 2019

The dog days of summer continue as ATNW covers 1972's family drama, Sounder. Mike and Jenny talk about hope, sweat, institutional racism, the desire to learn, dog stories, and how nice it is when nice people are nice to each other. Plus, Jenny goes back .

1972: The Emigrants
July 22, 2019

This week, ATNW covers the 1972 Swedish-language historical epic The Emigrants. And, assuming that most people have not seen this one, we walk you through the plot pretty thoroughly. How did this film make it to the big dance, and why is it relatively fo.

1972: Deliverance
July 09, 2019

(CW: sexual assault) ATNW's 1972 miniseries continues with Deliverance. Mike and Jenny untangle what makes this wilderness drama memetic, and also what it has to offer culture beyond inappropriate jokes. What's behind the title? Can city and country folk.

1972: Cabaret
June 25, 2019

Mike and Jenny begin the 1972 miniseries with Cabaret, the feel-bad musical of the year. Which superlative about this film should you remember for your next Oscar trivia night? What makes this film especially topical (you can probably guess)? Plus Jenny .

1927-28: Wings
May 21, 2019

Mike and Jenny wrap up the 1927-28 miniseries with the winner of Outstanding Picture, the WWI flyboy drama Wings. How does it measure up to its lofty place in history? We talk action scenes, comics parallels, subtext, Clara Bow, and star quality. Plus, w.

1927-28: Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
May 07, 2019

When is a winner not a winner? When it's the retroactively demoted Unique and Artistic Picture, Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans. But it's still a winner in the hearts of minds of many, and Mike and Jenny will explore the reasons why. This week we talk expr.

1927-28: The Racket and 7th Heaven
April 29, 2019

It's sewers, speakeasies and salvation this week as Mike and Jenny discuss the nominees for Outstanding Picture, The Racket and 7th Heaven. One's a gangster film with Not So Different main characters. One's a historical romance about moving up in the wor.

1927-28: Chang and The Crowd
April 23, 2019

The movies may be silent but we're most certainly not! Mike and Jenny kick off the first Academy Awards with the nominees for Unique and Artistic Picture, traveling from the jungle to the urban jungle with Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness and The Crowd. .

2017 Wrap-up and Deep, Thoughtful Analysis
April 12, 2019

Mike and Jenny wrap up 2017 the best way they know how: ordered lists! The duo rank the nominees and discuss what the Academy got wrong (or right), and whether there is a deeper message to be found. Then, an introduction to the next miniseries! Mike give.

2017: The Shape of Water
April 06, 2019

If I told you about this episode, what would I say? That it's 2017s Best Picture winner, for one! Mike and Jenny cross swords over fairy tales and the propriety of romancing a fish-man. What are the rules of fish-religion? What is truly the moral of this