Her Empire Builder Show with Tina Tower

Her Empire Builder Show with Tina Tower

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249: Member Sessions with Emma Walkinshaw
June 11, 2024

Today on the podcast I am kicking of Member Sessions with Emma Walkinshaw! Emma joined HEB in Feb 2022 and 6 months later, launched her online business. She is one of the kindest and most warm incredi

248: Lessons from the past year working with my private coach
June 06, 2024

I've got a very personal episode for you today on the podcast. I just wrapped up a year of private coaching with the best coach I have ever worked with and it was the most transformative year I've exp

247: 20 Ways to Show Up on Camera Confidently
May 28, 2024

I know so many incredible women who are SO good at what they do but they're lacking the confidence to put themselves out into the world. I get it, building a personal brand and showing up on camera an

246: The Power Of Habits With Gina Cleo
May 21, 2024

You know some conversations you have and you just love? I got off this conversation with Dr Gina Cleo with a big smile on my face. What a wonderful, smart, beautiful human! In this episode I ask Gina

245: Million Dollar Funnels with Haley Burkhead
May 14, 2024

This episode I am interviewing my friend and entrepreneurial superstar, Haley Burkhead! Haley and I are discussing how she built her million dollar business in a year and then left on a sabbatical and

244: What To Do When Your Launch is Flopping
April 30, 2024

Live launches can be tricky. They're extremely effective and so beneficial to your business, but we don't hit a home run every single time. I have had a few launches that didn't reach my expectations

243: Kajabi secrets to live a great life - with Meg Burrage
April 23, 2024

We have the wonderful 7-figure Kajabi expert, Meg Burrage on today's episode! We talk about how Meg got to where she is today. We also deep dive into the biggest mistakes that people make on their Kaj

The 3 Essential to Building Your Business Over $100k a Year
April 04, 2024

In a recent 'State of Creators Report', Kajabi shared that 96% of course creators are earning less than $100k per year. I want to change that! In this episode, I am sharing with you, the 3 essentials

241: A Life Less Ordinary with Derek Sivers & Tina Tower
March 25, 2024

Youre listening to my most favourite interview I have ever done on my podcast. A mega 2.5 hour sit down with incredible author, deep thinker, TED speaker and all round awesome human - Derek Sivers!

240: Embracing the Suck - The 10 Problems Every Business Owner Has
March 12, 2024

I promise you that this episode is more uplifting than it's title implies! Personally, I don't love the messaging that business is supposed to be easy and you can 'get rich in 15 minutes a day'... it