An Hour 'Til We Shut Up

An Hour 'Til We Shut Up

Latest Episodes

Gamer Hype
April 07, 2019

The gang gets together to discuss the negative aspects of hype in the gaming community.

PAX Expectations
March 30, 2019

We discuss our expectations for PAX East 2019!

What Makes a Good Antagonist?
March 12, 2019

Brian, Marcus, Khalief, Dan, and Miguel discuss their favorite villains and share what they consider to be the traits of a good antagonist.

March 03, 2019

Why Bethesda is Officially Trash

Daemon X Machina and a Bunch of Tangents
February 24, 2019

Marcus, John, and Dan talk about Daemon X Machina and go off on a bunch of tangents about everything and nothing.

Let's Talk About Broly
February 18, 2019

Why Broly is the best Dragon Ball Z movie of all time.

Your Favorite Protagonist Sucks
January 27, 2019

Why we don't like your favorite video game protagonist.

They Need to Fire Tetsuya Nomura
January 19, 2019

The top 3 games that personally define us.