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New Hashima Cyberpunk Collaborative LEGO Build
August 02, 2023

This episode, Andrew got to interview Stefan Formentano, originator of the amazing New Hashima Collab! With over 80 contributors, from 7 countries, this enormous LEGO build is truly a spectacular exam

GiantLands: Introducing Penny Williams
May 11, 2023

Penny has been a pioneer for women in the gaming space for decades, having worked professionally at TSR and Wizards of the Coast. She's also a lifelong educator AND the direct inspiration for a Marvel

GiantLands: Who Will You Become?
February 08, 2022

Stephen Dinehart returns to give an update on GiantLands now that the boxed product has shipped! We discuss the power of play, identity in games and reality, and evolving through failure.

Infomercials Theme Park
December 29, 2021

Alan Denton returns to the show to create a truly next-level theme park. On this episode, we question the ethics of Willy Wonka's tour, design a Haunted House that uses The Clapper for lighting, and a

JojoLands: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Theme Park
November 08, 2021

David and Jordan from Shonen Flop join the podcast to brainstorm a Jojo's Theme Park! - Music: - 10:43 END OF THE WORLD--JOSTARS TOMMY,Coda,JIN - 20:34 Bloody Stream--Coda - 25:34 Round

Saga Theme Park
October 11, 2021

The Saga Theme Park is here! John and Noah from the Horns & Wings Podcast join the show to turn one of the best comic series of all time into a terrifying theme park!

Themed Restaurants, Bars, & Cafes
September 20, 2021

Buddy Duquesne from Those Happy Places returns to the show to focus on Themed Restaurants, Bars, & Cafes! - This episode is a spotlight on the impact a little bit of magic can have. - Enjoy -

Playstation 4
August 30, 2021

Sam Wright from SamVersusSam returns to the show to design a PS4 theme park! - - 13:31 Bloodborne--SIE Sound Team (from Bloodborne) - 35:07 A Thief's End--Henry Jackman (from Uncharted 4) - 50:51 S

X-Men Theme Park
August 09, 2021

Peter from The Test Reel returns to the show after over 4 years! Together we brainstorm an immersive theme park around one of Marvel's most vibrant franchises. - - 7:19 X-Men--Henry Jackman (From X-