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Talking Gun Control with Gabby Franco
September 23, 2022

Speaking with Professional Competitive Shooter and former Olympian Gabby Franco about the new gun legislation that NY Governor Kathy Hochul is forcing through without having any data to back it up. (4

Zero’d in with Michael Jensen of GPO Optics
September 09, 2022

Speaking with Michael Jensen of GPO Optics about their groundbreaking designs and how they are taking a big bite out of the Optics World Market Share

Andy McCartney: AR’s,Tactical & More
September 02, 2022

Andy McCartney speaks to American Outdoor News about Bowden Manufacturing as well as Bowden Tactical.

James Sellers Right On Target
August 18, 2022

Chris Avena of American Outdoor News is speaking with James Sellers of Sight Mark about his great scopes and the future of optics. Tune in for a glimps of what lies ahead in the world of optics http:/

Mike Arnold- Bringing Back the Lions
August 02, 2022

Mike Arnold writes about international hunters, local tribespeople and the miraculous rescue of a doomed ecosystem in Mozambique in his new book, Bringing Back the Lions. If you care about animal cons

Barry Cohen- On Time with ProTek Watches
July 25, 2022

Speaking with Barry Cohen, the founder & CEO of Time Concepts and his New ProTek Series Watches.

James Sellers: As he Sees It
July 14, 2022

Speaking with James Sellers, the founder and CEO of Sellmark about life in the outdoors as well as his line of digital and thermal scopes.

Tylor Thoman – Officer of the Year
July 11, 2022

Speaking with Officer Tylor Thoman of the Bravard county sheriff’s department in Florida. Tylor was recently given the Officer of the Year award for his heroic actions that saved his own life and the

Blazing Trails with Steve Lamboy
June 29, 2022

Speaking with Outdoor Industry Trail Blazer – Steve Lamboy. He is the Senior Director of Development at Umarex USA and the CEO of the International Case Company which is the parent company of Negrini

Julie McQueen: The McQueen of CarbonTV
June 13, 2022

Julie McQueen, The president of CarbonTV speaks of her career path on her journey to the top of her game. Julie gives us some insight as we talk about hunting, media, as well as her personal life. htt