American Godcast: The American Gods Podcast

American Godcast: The American Gods Podcast

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American Gods S3E10: “Tears of the Wrath-Bearing Tree”
March 21, 2021

Its time for the Season 3 finale of American Gods, and not everyone is making it out alive as we break down Tears of the Wrath-Bearing Tree. With Mr. Wednesday seemingly dead, Shadow Moon gathers with the New Gods and the Old Gods to lay him to rest...

American Gods S3E09: “The Lake Effect”
March 14, 2021

Big things go down on this weeks American Gods as both Lakeside and maybe Mr. Wednesday come to an end on The Lake Effect. Wednesday sets up a meeting with Mr. World, and brings Czernobog along for the ride, with predictably violent results.

American Gods S3E08: “The Rapture Of Burning”
March 07, 2021

Wednesday faces down with Tyr and only one survives as we discuss American Gods The Rapture of the Burning. While brother fights brother with Shadow Moon caught in the middle, Laura and Salim are finding themselves and a new leprechaun at a sexua...

American Gods S3E07: “Fire And Ice”
February 28, 2021

Shadow goes on a skate date and Wednesday is being hunted as we break down the latest episode of American Gods, Fire and Ice. While Wednesday tries to figure out who is killing his followers, Laura is making plans with Danny Trejo to kill him good an...

American Gods S3E06: “Conscience Of The King”
February 21, 2021

Wednesday woos Demeter as we recap the latest episode of American Gods The Conscience of the King. While Shadow Moon finally reconnects with Laura, things are going real bad in Lakeside, and an old friend returns. Meanwhile,

American Gods S3E05: “Sister Rising”
February 16, 2021

Shadow Moon and Technical Boy continue their mismatched team-up to save Bilquis as we recap American Gods Sister Rising. Meanwhile, Wednesday is doing his best to woo back Demeter, Laura travels back to Cairo, and the team pulls off a classic heist.

American Gods S3E04: “The Unseen”
January 31, 2021

Shadow Moon and Technical Boy team up to solve crimes as we recap American Gods The Unseen. Meanwhile, Mr. Wednesday hits a Marilyn Manson related snag, Bilquis wrestles with her true identity, and Laura Moon gets a new lease on life.

American Gods S3E03: “Ashes And Demons”
January 24, 2021

Mr. Wednesday tries to woo Demeter but she aint having it as our American Gods podcast recaps Ashes and Demons. Over at Lakeside, Shadow Moon continues to get closer to his landlord, while the town gets no closer to finding Allison.

American Gods S3E02: “Serious Moonlight”
January 17, 2021

Shadow Moon gets settled in Lakeside, and also takes a side quest to Chicago as we recap American Gods Serious Moonlight. After getting a nice jacket and betting on a clunker, Shadow Moon continues to explore why hes in Lakeside. Meanwhile,

American Gods S3E01: “A Winter’s Tale”
January 10, 2021

American Gods is back with the Season 3 premiere A Winters Tale, and Shadow Moon just does not want to go to Lakeside. Meanwhile, Dead Wife and the Leprechaun hit a bit of a snag, and the New Gods get a serious makeover.