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Hollywood Hoops Ep. 103: Anthony Davis Moving to Klutch Sports Could Lead to a Pairing with LeBron and the Lakers
September 26, 2018

Hollywood Hoops' Josh Martin and Eric Pincus discuss the Los Angeles Lakers at the start of training camp, Jimmy Butler drama in Minnesota could lead to an opportunity for the L.A. Clippers and Anthony Davis' move to Klutch Sports,

Ep. 208: Just Can't Wait To Be Kings (Lakers Media Day, Most Intriguing Storylines of the Season, Luke's Outlook, Rotational Mins, 1st Half Season Breakdown, & More!)
September 25, 2018

THE LAKERS SEASON HAS ARRIVED. The King has OFFICIALLY entered the Building! And off to the races, we go! Thrusters set to...full throttle. Lakers Media Day, Lakers Training camp - let's get #LIT. Join us as we cover: - Sights & Sounds of Lakers Med...

The New York Knicks Podcast – Episode 433: The Jimmy Butler Experience
September 23, 2018

Marc and Jay talk about the Jimmy Butler trade rumors, Mills and Perry's press conference, Courtney Lee rumors, expectations for Knox, SI top 100 players, listener questions, and more

3 in the Key EP. 111: Twolves News and Space Jam 2
September 23, 2018

Just a 2 man pod today! - Talking Jimmy Butler could be traded out of Minnesota. - Where's the best place for him to go and the KAT contract - They also speak on Space Jam 2!

Brickhouse Ep 207: Jimmy Butler Drama and the Dry Heave Team Previews
September 22, 2018

When Jimmy Butler forces a late off-season trade that means the NBA is back! This historic occasion may be the first time a player has ever actually tried to be traded to the Clippers. After months of searching,

SuperFlight – 108 – It’s a Piston’s Party with David Fernandez
September 19, 2018

Yeah, it's that time of the year right between end of summer and beginning of the NBA season where there is nothing going on. In these lean times, Joe likes to call his friends and ask how bad their teams are going to be this year and this week's pod i...

Above The Rim Ep 68: Sacrificial Lambs
September 19, 2018

This episode I'm joined by friend of the show Damo. We talking sacrifice this time around as we dive into the players who we feel must sacrifice certain aspects of their games this season to succeed. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a piece of your tal...

Hollywood Hoops Ep. 102: L.A. Lakers Aren’t Able to Make a Preseason Trade for Jimmy Butler, How About the Clippers?
September 19, 2018

Hollywood Hoops' Eric Pincus and Josh Martin discuss the Los Angeles Lakers as they near the 2018-19 NBA season. What questions do Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka face? Also, how will the NBA's latest cap projections impact the Lakers,

The LLP Ep. 207: The Haves & Cav Nots - LeBron's Legacy & His Lakers Outlook Moving Forward (ft. Cavaliers Reporter Chris Fedor)
September 19, 2018

The season is ALMOST here. This is not a drill. The season is ALMOST here. Which means - LeBron James officially playing in a Purple & Gold jersey is ALMOST here! And what better way to cap off our Summer than by looping it all back around and booken...

SuperFlight – 107 – The Knicks Season Preview with David Futernick
September 15, 2018

Well, the summer is almost over, which means it's time to talk about the Knicks again! This week David Futernick joins the show to talk about the David Fizdale hiring, Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson and David's affinity for Trey Burke.