Latest Episodes

Episode 5: Branding You !
February 11, 2019

Today we are talking about branding and why it is important . Also I share something fun so that you can determine YOUR Brand !

Episode 4: Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway
February 04, 2019

Today we are talking about how to overcome the Fear of Failure and some tools to help you through .

Episode 3: I am a Failure
February 01, 2019

That is a scary think to say out loud , yet we all think it about ourselves . Why is this more seen of women ? Let’s dive into this and start knocking down the monster and discover really why .

Episode 2: Magical Musings
February 01, 2019

The secret to good customer service the diane way

Episode 1 : It’s Ally
January 31, 2019

Its a start and in one year from now I am sure it will be better. At least its a start ! Lets do this !