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The Insanity Defense in the Real World
February 25, 2022

Someone commits a crime but is found not guilty by reason of insanity. It doesnt happen just on TV its a real defense entered by a defendant in a criminal trial. The defendant claims that they w

Above Suspicion: The Rise and Ruin of an FBI Agent
February 12, 2022

When Mark Putnam graduated from the FBI Academy in 1986, he seemed to have it all: the new career hed dreamed about his entire life, darkly handsome good looks, an attractive wife from a rich family,

Happy New Year! Hello, 2022!
January 25, 2022

Ring in the Year of the Tiger with Diane and Jordan as they look back at the best of their 2021 podcasts and give you a taste of whats coming up in 2022. Many listeners have been asking about the eve

Defending Whitey Bulger: A Candid Conversation with J.W. Carney
January 04, 2022

J.W. Jay Carney, a prominent Boston-based criminal defense lawyer, rose to national fame when he defended James Whitey Bulger, the infamous South Boston crime boss. Jay is known for taking on the

BLOOD WILL TELL: Clemente Aguirre Was Innocent
December 06, 2021

Clemente Shorty Aguirre thought he had finally found a place beyond the reach of death. He had fled threats and violence in his home country, Honduras, after refusing to join a gang. When he saw his

The Lonely Death of Mary Lou Arruda
December 04, 2021

She still stays in St. Josephs Cemetery. Nobody overturns that verdict. Joanne Arruda knew something was terribly wrong. It was late afternoon on Friday, September 8th, 1978: two days after her dau

Living Unsheltered: A Survivor’s Story
September 18, 2021

Violence against the homeless is only too common and has been on the rise over the last few years. Violence among the homeless is unfortunately also frequent; the odds of a homeless person becoming a

Justice Served Cold: The Murder of Dora Brimage
August 25, 2021

On the night of September 6th, 1987, Dora Jean Brimage, 19, accepted a ride from a birthday party in Bostons Roxbury neighborhood. She was seen getting into a car with three men. The next day, constr

“A Terrible Night!” The 1989 Carol Stuart Murder, Revisited
August 03, 2021

October 23, 1989. It was a crime that shocked even the most jaded journalist and shook the city of Boston and beyond. Carol DiMaiti Stuart, nine months pregnant, was killed and her husband Chuck Stuar

“What do you think I am, a murderer?”: The Retrial of Diane Farley for the Murder of Sarah Ann Marsceill
June 14, 2021

Thats what Diane Farley said to her boyfriend, David Blatz, when he picked her up at 8 am from the house of her friend of just six weeks, Sarah Ann Marsceill, known as Sally. Diane and Sally had spen