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All Day Ruckoff Podcast

ADR 120: GORUCK Shooter Competition Events with Cadre Garret

September 26, 2019

Cadre Garret joins to talk about the new GORUCK Shooter competition events for 2020. This will be the first time that GORUCK has put on these Shooter events. We get into where the events came from, what will happen at them, and what you will need to do to earn your patch. That’s right… not everyone who takes part in the GORUCK Shooter event will earn their patches.

In addition we get into the Deception Patch Holder events and what it takes to take part in one of those. There’s three levels to the Deception patches and none of them are easy to earn. Only those who have earned the first level of the Deception patches then you can take part in the Deception Patch Holder events.

I really hope you enjoy this interview with Cadre Garret from GORUCK!


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