all the space in between

all the space in between

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210: i'm in love with my best friend. help?!
March 11, 2024

claims that "we are so back" may or may not have been falsified and should be taken with trepidation. here's a tasty little episode in which we explain our absence, give some long distance love advice

209: smelly buddy
January 16, 2024

hello?? is this thing on? welcome to season 3, baby. this episode we talk about having a crush on brooke, what to do about a stinky roommate, and having the worst dreams on the planet. enjoy!

208: a very spooky pod
October 30, 2023

hello. or should we say... idk, boo or something. this time we talk about dressing up, zippers, and one of us might tell the worlds most concise and easy to follow scary story ever. happy halloween!

207: against the ol' fence
October 03, 2023

happy album release week to... the first ever ambient album with a parental advisory sicker?? not really, but wouldn't that be sick? god. we talk about one of the more Adult tracks on mitch's new albu

206: billie is bald
September 11, 2023

welcome home billie cya brookie! this week we talk about battle rap, theme parks, and hair. also we don't get to a single question so we actually talk about so much more than that i just don't feel li

205: pringles taste test
August 14, 2023

what on earth are we gonna do on the show without billie? eat lots of junk food i guess. this week we try twelve different flavors of pringles! most of them were good but oh my god one of them... i do

204: the weedisode
July 31, 2023

Do I smoke weed? Do I smoke weed... Yeah bro I SMOKE. Scared Mostly Often Kinda Everytime!!! Join us this episode for a game of guessing and a discussion about being absolutely terrified of intoxicati

203: social media & the perfect candle
July 24, 2023

twitter is X now, threads is deads, and bluesky... still doesn't have an icon. what can you count on in this crazy world? maybe a simple... pod? with not two, but THREE charming guests to both thrill

202: boogers
July 10, 2023

hello fellow booger eaters. it's mitch's birthday! this episode we celebrate him turning 33, discuss which (if any) of us have partaken in eating our own bogeys, and get into the story of how a perfec

201: horse eating corn (ft. jonna!)
July 04, 2023

well well well, what do we have here. Jonna "The Goose" Graves of music project Grave Market, our housemate and... friend? perhaps? we'll get into that. this episode we explain the phenomenon of "hors