ALL IN with Rick Jordan

ALL IN with Rick Jordan

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Prioritize and Execute | Rick Jordan
June 06, 2024

Whats shaking? I'm Rick Jordan, and today were going all in on a topic that hits home for so many of usfeeling overwhelmed and stretched too thin. Inspired by my experience at Funnel Hacking Live and insights from Navy SEALs like Jocko Willink and Larr

Turn Passion into Profit | Kris Bradley
June 04, 2024

 Whats shaking? I'm Rick Jordan, and today were going all in with an amazing guest, Kris Bradley. Kris is a singer, songwriter, and the mastermind behind the coaching program "Produce Like a Boss." We dive into her incredible journey from pursuing

Rethink Your Balance | Rick Jordan
May 30, 2024

Whats shaking? I'm Rick Jordan, and today were diving into a topic that always gets people talkingwork-life balance. Heres the deal: I think work-life balance is stupid. Yep, I said it. Instead of trying to keep work and life separate, let's recognize

Chiropractic Power Couple | Julie and Skip Wyss
May 28, 2024

What's shakin? I'm Rick Jordan, and today we're going all in with a special in-studio episode featuring the dynamic chiropractic duo, Skip and Julie Wyss. This conversation is packed with insights into the world of chiropractic care, holistic healing, an

Same Needs, Different Worlds | Rick Jordan
May 23, 2024

In todays episode of ALL IN, we dive into a profound and eye-opening discussion about human insecurities and how they transcend socio-economic status. Im Rick Jordan, and today were exploring the fascinating idea that whether you're a high-earning exec

The Art of Raising Capital | Greg Wilson
May 21, 2024

Moneyhow to raise it, manage it, and make it work for you. Im Rick Jordan, and I'm joined by Greg Wilson, a seasoned finance expert whos mastered the art of securing capital for businesses. Greg shares his journey from CPA to CFO, providing crucial ins

Are You Ready to Break Your Comfort Zone? | Rick Jordan
May 16, 2024

We're tackling a subject close to my heart: why staying in your comfort zone is the biggest risk you're taking, and how you can boldly step out into growth. We've all been preached at about leaving our comfort zones, but how do you actually do that? I'll

What’s at Stake in Your Leadership? | Dan Tocchini
May 14, 2024

Im thrilled to welcome leadership expert Dan Tocchini to explore some transformative ideas about leadership. We dive deep into what it really means to lead effectively, going beyond traditional notions and tackling the concept of turning to genuine leade

Small Annoyances to Major Challenges | Rick Jordan
May 09, 2024

Inspired by an insightful commentary from psychologist Jordan Peterson, I explore how facing significant challenges can actually keep us from dwelling on the trivial. I share my own experiences with stress, from managing a public company to preparing for

Costco Aisles or Life’s Insights? | Rick Jordan
May 07, 2024

Join me as I recount my conversation with Wayne, a 70-year-old Costco employee with a wealth of life experience, including running his own fire restoration business. This casual chat, ranging from business wisdom to personal fitness and the secrets to a l