All In with Coach Bill Hart

All In with Coach Bill Hart

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EP 66 - Todd Graves, owner of Graves Golf
November 30, 2023

In this episode, Coach Bill talks with Todd Graves, owner of Graves Golf. Todd teaches an unorthodox method of hitting the ball, influenced by Canadian golf champion Moe Norman, an unusual and brillia

EP 065 - Harlan Accola, National Reverse Mortgage Dir. Movement Mortgage
June 15, 2023

"What if everything you thought you knew about reverse mortgages was wrong? When would you want to know?

EP 064 - Mike Morrison - Movement Mortgage Senior Loan Officer
May 03, 2023

The Fortune is in the Follow-Up 2022 $90M 258 units Mike learned the business in a refi operation and learned that staying after clients desires and priorities is what made him so successful. He be

EP 063 - Kyle Draper - Social Media Coach & National Speaker
April 04, 2023

Coach Kyle Draper, author of "Rethink Everything - That You Know About Social Media, brings the following philosophy as it relates to Social Media; "Stop chasing a bunch of strangers through lead gen,

EP 62 - Trey Perry - Divisional Renovation Leader, Movement Mortgage
January 25, 2023

Trey Perry has doubled down and focused on renovation loans and its a fantastic focus, and likely something you need to be giving more thought to! ____________________________________________________

EP 061 - Montell Watson - Director of Diversity Lending & Strategic Partnerships, Movement Mortgage
January 12, 2023

Montell's personal experience of buying his first home and how the power of home ownership changed his family's life is the starting point in this interview, showcasing his passion for diversity lendi

EP 060 - Steve Sims - Author of "Go For Stupid"
November 22, 2022

Steve Sims has been described by Forbes as "The Real Life Wizard of Oz" and brings to us lessons for effective marketing and relationship development from his VERY unique perspective. Buy his new boo

EP 059 - Grant Schneider - Market Leader, Movement Mortgage
November 04, 2022

Grant Schneider has performed at the very highest level in the mortgage industry and has focused on a unique, but highly-effective approach to the business. This focus allows him to be "Done by Noon"

EP 058 - Richard Milligan: President of 4C Recruiting
October 19, 2022

Richard describes what he refers to as a Recruiting Leader, and clearly articulates to how to separate yourself from the noise. Bill Hart is a coach in the mortgage industry, and the author of the

EP 057 - Kevin McGovern - Director of Coaching, Movement Mortgage
October 03, 2022

15 years in the coaches chair has given Kevin tremendous insight and conviction. Listen in as he challenges the listener about how bad they want it and the daily steps required to achieve it. Bill Har