A Little Lighter

A Little Lighter

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BellyEsque Musings from the Voluptuous Tessa True Heart – ALLAF 034
February 12, 2020

Want to feel beautiful and juicy in your body? Listen to this. Let's reveal what belly dancers can learn from burlesque culture and find ways to take exquisite of ourselves.

New York City Nightclubs with Male Belly Dancer Tarik Sultan – ALLAF 033
January 29, 2020

Find out what makes Egyptian dancers look authentic and what makes Western dancers look a little fake, what makes dancers sexy, and why belly dancers in the Middle East are still stigmatized.

How Dance Enhances Our Essence, Feminine Energy & Happiness – ALLAF 032
January 15, 2020

Dance feeds our feminine, and the child inside of us longs for the freedom to play dress up and dance. But problems can stop us from dancing. Hear from Tony Robbins and his wife Sage how we can turn problems into gifts and create habits that make us ha...

Bohemian Grind with Hurdy Gurdy Player Roxanne – ALLAF 031
December 24, 2019

Learn this essential tip for any dancer who plays zills, dance confidently to the droning medieval keyed fiddle we call the hurdy gurdy, and have fun hearing the wild Renaissance Festival times of musician and dancer Roxanne Dresden Bruscha.

The Mama of Tribal Fusion Jill Parker on the Alchemy of Belly Dance – ALLAF 030
December 18, 2019

Jill Parker shares what she wishes she knew when she first started dancing with Fat Chance Belly Dance, talks about tattoos, beauty secrets, and the sorcery of dance. - https://youtu.be/fDFB1UkY024 - Live at the Corset Factory,

The History of Belly Dance, Famous Belly Dancers & Belly Dance Styles – ALLAF 029
December 04, 2019

Where did belly dance come from? Who are the most famous belly dancers? What are the different styles of belly dance? This podcast will answer so many of your questions, and you'll love it.

The History of Belly Dance Starting with the 1970s: Feminism, Flights & Stigma – ALLAF 028
November 20, 2019

Celebrate 1970s Strictly Belly Dance records by Eddie the Sheik, admire the moves of Egyptian belly dance star Mona Said, and take a peek into stigma and the gritty lives of many belly dancers in Cairo now.

Fire, Cancer and the Dance Community: Johanna Zenobia Interview Part 2 – ALLAF 027
November 06, 2019

Johanna relives the breast cancer diagnosis that birthed her first dance studio and expanded her commitment to community. She shares her secret to layering a shimmy and undulation, and also urges us to meditate by focusing on 1 thing at a time. 

Yogi Belly Dancer Johanna Zenobia on Music, Magic and Moving Past Perfection – ALLAF 026
October 23, 2019

Johanna of Hip Expressions helps us stop and take a breath, tells us her secrets to building great dance music playlists, and she shares some very fun and surprising danceable songs that you will love.

Classic Belly Dance Song Spotlight: Uskadar, Ya Ayn Mawlaitan & Rampi – ALLAF 025
October 09, 2019

These loved Turkish, Rom and Arabic songs are a must-know for belly dancers, especially if you want to be ready to dance to a live band!  Learn about the maqamat, rhythms, translations and ways to dance to Katibim, Al Ain Molayaitin, and Rompi Rompi.