Belly Dance Podcast A Little Lighter

Belly Dance Podcast A Little Lighter

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Kierra on Ecstatic Dance, Liberation and the 5Rhythms®
May 18, 2023

Most dance in our era is performative, but dance can do so much more. Harlem High School Assistant Principle and dance teacher Kierra Foster-Ba talks about dances for healing, transformation, connecti

Why Salit Stopped Saying “Oriental Dance” – 073
March 31, 2023

Salit of NYC on the sisterhood of belly dancers, the politics that divide our community of Arabic music lovers, and how focusing on our belly dance technique rather than our appearance brings us more

Nefertiti on Soul Ties and Ecstasy – 072
December 13, 2022

Dr. Valerie Poppel, aka Nefertiti, is a Clinical Sexologist and belly dancer who lived in Cairo. Find out what Nef warned about Soul Ties when she was featured in Cosmo yet again and how shimmying can

Davina: DIY Belly Dance Costume Queen Dawn Devine – 071
November 09, 2022

Author of 22+ belly dance costuming books, Dawn Devine talks about current belly dance fashion trends in Egypt and Turkey, how to make assuit fabric feel good on your skin, and how to get more out of

How to Dance Through Pain: More Lessons from Pema Chödrön – 070
June 23, 2022

Being injured is part of every dancer's life, and all dancers want relief from pain. Pema teaches how to befriend our pain, forgive ourselves for getting hurt, and turn poison into medicine.

Goddess Enabler Melodia of Melodia Designs – 069
May 31, 2022

Melodia of Melodia Designs has been designing amazing dance wear and comfortable-AND-sexy street clothes for over 20 years. But do you know about her intriguing dance past with the Belly Dance Superst

“The Music is in My Blood”: The Artistry of Belly Dancer Randa Kamel of Egypt – 068
April 30, 2022

World-famous Egyptian raqs sharqi dancer Randa Kamel on the importance of belly dancing to live music, feeling the music, and why oriental dance developed in Egypt.

Naimah’s Belly Dance Trip to Egypt…During Covid – 067
March 30, 2022

The nightclubs were open, famous Egyptian dancers including Randa Kamel and Aziza of Cairo performed, live bands played, and belly dance costume shopping continued. Hear about Naimah of Baltimore's ad

Dancing Authentically to Sha’abi and Mahraganat with Natalie – 066
February 11, 2022

NYC raqs sharqi dancer Natalie of Puerto Rico shares how to belly dance authentically to mahraganat and shaabi, as well as her love for Egyptian colloquial Arabic, culture and daily life.

Highlights from 2021: Carolena Nericcio, Jillina, Ebony, Kamrah, and More – 065
December 31, 2021

Get inspired by the health, beauty and dance tips from some of the most influential belly dancers in the world who were interviewed on this belly dance podcast in 2021. Feel grateful, make a dance goa