Adventure Life with Aaron Linsdau

Adventure Life with Aaron Linsdau

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Black Diamond Speed 40 Pack Review In-Depth
December 24, 2019

Aaron reviews the Black Diamond Speed 40 Pack. This is an excellent summit day pack as well as a general adventure pack. He talks about the different features and shows items on the pack to give you a better idea of its fit and function.

How to Find Adobe Typekit fonts on Mac
December 23, 2019

Using Adobe Typekit fonts in Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator is wonderful. There are too many to choose from. However, if you need the font so you can package your work or work offline, your Typekit fonts won’t be available.

Powerex MH-C980 Turbo Charger Analyzer Review—Charges Fast and Gives Real Capacity
December 19, 2019

There is a new battery charger that can charge 8 batteries independently and give you real capacity. You can see exactly how much life is left in your AA/AAA batteries. No more guesswork for your critical work.

Ski and Climbing Boot Backpack – Kemimoto Ski Boot Bag Review
December 13, 2019

Aaron reviews the Kemimoto Ski Boot Bag at the ski slopes. He shows how much the bag carries, its waterproof shell, the drain holes in the boot carrier area, and what it’s like to wear. This bag is good for skiing and climbing gear to keep your boots c...

How to Fix or Remove Missing or Broken Links in Indesign
December 13, 2019

Aaron shows you five different methods for removing broken links from Indesign. This is especially effective when the original linked document is missing. Depending on the version of Indesign and operating system,

La Sportiva Baruntse Double Mountaineering Boots Review
December 11, 2019

Aaron reviews the La Sportiva Baruntse Double Mountaineering boot. He has used these to climb Mt. Elbrus, the tallest mountain in Russia. He’s also used these to climb Mt. Hood in Oregon during a storm. They are targeted to the 6,000-7,

How to Choose Between Mountaineering Single Double or Triple boots
December 10, 2019

When you are looking at mountaineering boots, there are so many brands. And then you discover that there are single, double, and triple boots. What does this even mean? Aaron explains the differences. He helps you understand where each should be used.

Chimney Rock Nebraska – Critical Landmark in the Western US
December 09, 2019

Aaron takes you to a critical landmark for adventurers and travelers over 100 years ago. Chimney Rock National Historic Site is definitely worth a visit. This simple stone pillar in the middle of a pasture was the marker people found when they traveled...

Wyoming Colorado Nebraska Tristate Marker – Adventure to a Geographic Connection
December 06, 2019

Aaron takes you into a farm field to find the Wyoming Colorado Nebraska Tristate marker. There are actually quite a few of these around the country. They are often in remote areas that aren’t heavily traveled.

Forty Below Camp Booties – Best Glacier Camp Boots Ever
December 05, 2019

Aaron has used the Forty Below Camp Booties on Denali for over a month over the last few years. He talks about the feel, fit, and finish of the Camp Booties. He has stood in these booties at -30ºF and been perfectly comfortable at 14,000 feet (4,