A Life Well Lived: Grow, Preserve and Transfer Your Wealth

A Life Well Lived: Grow, Preserve and Transfer Your Wealth

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The Reality of Rising Oil Prices (Ep.7)
April 12, 2022

If you commute regularly you might have noticed an increase in the price of gas. Whats the reason behind it? When are the prices going to stabilize? In this episode, Ken Ouellette gets real about the

The Vicious Cycle of Interest Rates (Ep.6)
March 29, 2022

Its no secret that interest rates are going up, leaving many people feeling helpless. In this episode, Ken Ouellette dives deep into interest rates and addresses some fears and concerns people may h

The Power of Adding Diversification to Your Investment Strategy (Ep.5)
March 15, 2022

It can be challenging to know when exactly to invest, how, and what strategies are going to work for your portfolio. Diversification is an investment strategy that has the potential to be incredibly p

The Truth About Inflation (Ep.4)
March 01, 2022

Its no surprise that prices have been rising and inflation is at an all time high. But what can you do about it today to help protect your finances tomorrow? More than you might think. In this episod

Taking the Fear Out of Creating a Financial Plan (Ep.3)
February 15, 2022

Signing up with a financial advisor can be intimidating and often is something many dont do until a crisis occurs and they need financial guidance. Dont let it happen to you! In this episode, Ken Ou

Taking the Fear Out of Your Financial Planning with Ken Ouellette, CPM® (Ep.2)
February 01, 2022

Do you find it difficult to call a financial advisor for the first time when building your financial plan? You might be missing out on all the value a financial advisor can offer you. In this episode

Opening the Door to A Life Well Lived with Ken Ouellette, CPM® (Ep 1)
February 01, 2022

Are you looking for ways to grow, preserve, and transfer your wealth? Dont risk a lifetime of work and savings in todays current financial environment without a clear strategy in place. Welcome to

December 16, 2021