The Alexandria Archives

The Alexandria Archives

Ep16: Gordian Worm

September 29, 2017

A new school year is almost upon us. MW has a surprise guest with some special announcements. Remember, when moving into your respective dorms, lift with your legs--not your back.


Alexandria Archives is produced by Nicole Jorge, Uri Sacharow and Aaron Redacted.  “Gordian Worms” is edited & written by Pacific Obadiah and --- Also check out their sweet podcast: Lake Clarity =)

Dr. Asher - Larissa Fleming
Nurse Emma - Marley Aiu
Food for Pet (Evan Wells) - Pacific Obadiah

MW - Nicole Jorge


Morning Wood’s theme song is “Savage” by Mitch Murder

“Heading South” by Mitch Murder

“Down the Road” and the “Mystery Unravels”  by ErikMMusic


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