The Alexandria Archives

The Alexandria Archives

Ep14: AURA

May 24, 2017

It’s Creation Fest, and the students of AU are ready to show off their work!


Alexandria Archives is produced by Nicole Jorge, Uri Sacharow and Aaron Redacted. “AURA” is written by Colleen Kochensparger (follow her on Twitter @colleenyourroom) and narrated by Isha Sacharow.

MW..........Nicole Jorge

Dr. Cortez..........Daniel Foytik

Daniella..........Blue Nealis

Kiel..........Pacific Obadiah

Music: Morning Wood’s theme song is “Savage” by Mitch Murder

When Shadows Come Out to Play by Erik Margolin

Empty Reflections by Erik Margolin

Scheming Weasel by Kevin MacLeod

Backwater Route 66 by Teknoaxe

Sunset by Whitesand

CovenantBOB, Kilt, Blue, Gore, Recursive, Jone, Squint and Ragnarok are copyright Aaron Redacted and Jaaren Sacharow. Check out Jaaren's latest work here: