The Alexandria Archives

The Alexandria Archives

Ep12: Spooks

April 26, 2017

Gore’s a man on the run, and the unholy alliance between AU’s Temple of the Golden Dawn and the Christian Fellowship have big plans for the student body.


Alexandria Archives is produced by Nicole Jorge, Uri Sacharow and Aaron Redacted. “Spooks” is written by Nicole Jorge and narrated by Daniel Foytik.

MW..........Nicole Jorge

Gore..........Uri Sacharow

Kittie..........Amanda VanHiel Amy

Ellen..........Ellie Collins

Kilt…………..Aaron Redacted

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Music: “Savage”, “Kowloon City”, “Lit”by Mitch Murder

“Down the Road”, “Empty Reflections”, “The Mystery Unravels”, “The Dusty Attic”, “High Atop the Tower” by ErikMMusic


CovenantBOB, Kilt, Blue, Gore, Recursive, Jone, Squint and Ragnarok are copyright Aaron Redacted and Jaaren Sacharow. Check out Jaaren's latest work here: