The Alexandria Archives

The Alexandria Archives

Ep9: The Hedge Maze

February 01, 2017

Something sinister prowls the campus, Gore returns, and Morning Wood goes for a ride with Lt. Wooley.


"The Hedge Maze" was written by Aaron Redacted and edited by Nicole Jorge and Uri Sacharow. It is performed by Peter Coffey.


This episode features a very special guest - Jesse Haynes from Cryptid Creatures podcast, which you can find on iTunes and Stitcher. Do that.


The Alexandria Archives is written and produced by Nicole Jorge, Uri Sacharow, and Aaron Redacted.


Morning Wood..........Nicole Jorge


Chris..........Jesse Haynes


Gore..........Uri Sacharow


Kilt..........Aaron Redacted


Lt. Wooley..........Peter Coffey


Music Selections:


Savage by Mitch Murder



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And as always, IA IA Wendigos!


CovenantBOB, Kilt, Blue, Gore, Recursive, Jone, Squint and Ragnarok are copyright Aaron Redacted and Jaaren Sacharow. Check out Jaaren's latest work here: