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Episode 71: Team state!
February 21, 2024

Josh covers all sorts of cool dual tournament history and explains why Minnesota is the oldest and greatest team tournament in the country and then we move on to previewing this years dual brackets!

Episode 70: Girls sections are done and this is team section week!
February 14, 2024

Al and Josh talk briefly about the battle of the Auggies/Augies last week and then jump right in to recapping girls sections and previewing team sections!

Episode 69: college reaction time and girls sections are here!
February 08, 2024

Al and Josh cover a bunch of college results and debates about everything from reaction time rules to neck brace safety and beyond and then dive in to some girls post season talk! Josh answers a cal

Episode 68: Battle of the Burgs & high school recap!
January 29, 2024

Al and Josh cover the Battle of the Burgs and then Josh avoids Als question about a big wrestling dual last Thursday for as long as he can before we finally get to it, covering lots of high school wr

Episode 67: mystery guest + college + high school
January 18, 2024

Al and Josh call the creator of The Destroyer and chat with him before moving on to college and high school results from the past week, another fun episode!

Episode 66: anchorman?
January 11, 2024

Al and Josh cover recent high school wrestling national duals and wonder how many other podcasts are going to pick fights with them, it could turn in to an all out anchorman style brawl at some point

Episode 65: back to high school positivity!
January 03, 2024

Al and Josh get back to talking high school wresting, covering holiday tournament results and doing our annual Clash preview

Episode 64: College holiday recap
January 02, 2024

Al and Josh spend a quick hour back together mostly covering some of the college holiday tournaments and cant help but get in to the extra curricular at the Soldier Salute, yikes! We promise to get b

Episode 63: we fix college ducking and talk all sorts of high school results
December 21, 2023

Al and Josh cover some recent college results and share exactly how to fix the ducking problem in college wrestling and then move on to covering Athena, Blue Ox, Redwood Riot, Jackhammer, XMAS and mor

Episode 62: XMAS tourney preview + history and a quick Auggie recap
December 12, 2023

Al and Josh touch on some college wrestling before diving in on the Minnesota Christmas Tournament preview, it looks to be another incredible tournament with national ranking implications and with all