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The Al and Josh Show

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Episode 42: Fargo and worlds recap + MN#1 info!
August 24, 2021

We go over some results from age level worlds along with the Olympics and Fargo and then jump in to some MN#1 background and details and go through all of the matchups

Episode 41: freco duals and a special guest
June 24, 2021

In this episode we cover duals results for schoolboy, cadet, junior and girls and then dive in with new Augsburg women’s head coach Jake Short. Jake takes us back through his youth, high school and college careers openly discussing some of his challeng...

Episode 40: catchup time
April 26, 2021

A lot has happened since our last episode and we try to touch on a bunch of it. Cadet & U15 World Team Trials, a little college post season talk, tons of high school post season action, section realignment,

Episode 39: puppies invade studio 2
March 01, 2021

Rocky, Yeti and Dexter get involved in this episode and distract Josh as we just talk wrestling for an hour hitting on a bunch of random topics including some interesting results, the MNUSA training facility and a quick recap of some D2 Super Region V ...

Episode 38: post season info!
February 15, 2021

In Episode 38 Al and Josh share all of the current information about how the post season is going to happen and go over some interesting results and under the radar wrestlers and teams. We share how we are handling the scoring overlays for live streami...

Episode 37: toughest MN triangular ever?
January 28, 2021

Al and Josh talk about one of the most anticipated triangular events in recent memory, Simley hosts KM and Stillwater this Friday!  Before that we start with some Tulsa talk and look just a little at the talent in 2AAA this year,

Episode 36: MN wrestling is back!
January 12, 2021

Al and Josh spend some time talking about the latest MSHSL guidelines and rules for the upcoming season including spectators, weighing in and skins checks, handshakes vs fist bumps, weight allowance and minimum weigh ins and other topics and then we ta...

Episode 35: Tim McNiff
December 14, 2020

Tim joins Al and Josh and tells a bunch of old time wrestling stories and then explains what SAO is and how @GreenSciUS can help protect wrestlers without chemicals.  Don’t miss Al stumping Josh with a mascot trivia question at the end of the episode!

Episode 34: Ask a ref + MSHSL updates and more
December 04, 2020

In our annual “ask a ref” segment we have long time official Rod Frost on the show to discuss rule changes moving in to this year.  We cover the takeaways from yesterday’s MSHSL meeting about winter sports status and schedules and as usual wander off t...

Episode 33: Super 32 recap
October 30, 2020

Minnesota sent a bunch of hammers to Super 32 and came home with more hardware than ever before, if you enjoyed the tournament listen to our recap, if you’re not sure what to think of the level of competition at the tournament or wondering why your fav...