A Jem of a Secret Podcast

A Jem of a Secret Podcast

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The dress with the N Word
April 06, 2023

That's right everybody, we are back with a whole new podcast. A Jem of a Secret Podcast will continue with our host Coco Jem Holiday. On today's episode Coco talks about the scandal that of the white

ReRelease - I’m doing it. I’m doing her. I’m doing him. I’m doing well: An Interview with Stefhannie DuPont Shade
September 07, 2022

With the recent passing of the baddest baddie Stefhannie, we wanted to rerelease this episode. Now even though this episode is a POINT in time, it still has a lot of wonderful moments with Stefhannie.

June 26, 2022

Coco Jem Holiday and Donatella Mysecrets are taking a hiatus.

There’s paths on the paths: An Interview with Flawless Shade
June 16, 2022

Another round of A Jem of A Secret Podcast Live featuring the one and only Flawless Shade.

She’s the most positive person I’ve ever met: An interview with Zenon TV
June 09, 2022

While at the Austin International Drag Festival, Coco Jem Holiday gets to hang out with the one and only Zenon TV.

Thriving while black: A live interview with KizMyAstrid
June 02, 2022

In the first ever live show, Fans, followers, and the bar staff got to participate in a community discussion about race and experiences in Portland. Donatella Mysecrets and Coco Jem Holiday interview

Dona’s ex-boyfriend makes amends and the Robb Elementary School shooting: Interview with Garrette
May 26, 2022

Coco Jem Holiday and Donatella Mysecrets interview Dona's ex boyfriend. In this episode they also talk about the Texas shooting

I golf ball washed my shoes in someone’s hole: An Interview with Vivian Vendetta-Sinclaire
May 19, 2022

Back on the interview circuit and with some new "travel-ready" podcasting equipment, Coco Jem Holiday, Donatella Mysecrets and Vivan Vendetta-Sinclaire from season 3 of Camp Wannakiki talk about body

Your relationship is toxic. We know. We’ve been there.
May 12, 2022

Coco Jem Holiday and Donatella Mysecrets explore healthy and toxic relationships. The episode starts out in a whole different direction, you'll just have to listen to find out what it is so you can pa

Forced Pregnancy, Sodomy, and Marriage Equality: The SCOTUS Story
May 05, 2022

Donatella Mysecrets and Coco Jem Holiday take a deep dive into the leaked SCOTUS draft. This episode comes with a heavy trigger warning as topics of abortion, suicide and depression are consistently m