Ahkameyimok Podcast with Perry Bellegarde

Ahkameyimok Podcast with Perry Bellegarde

Catherine McKenna: The Best of Ahkameyimok - The Political Interviews

August 19, 2021


***With the Akhameyimok Podcast on summer hiatus and a federal election now underway, we are re-running National Chief Bellegarde's  best interviews from the past year with leaders and senior members of the main federal political parties to help provide a sense of where they stand on issues important to First Nations and Indigenous people. ****

***This interview with the Liberal Government's Industry Minister, Catherine McKenna, was first posted on April 22, 2021***


On this special Earth Day episode of the Ahkameyimok Podcast, Catherine McKenna, the Federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities and a former Environment Minister, joins National Chief Bellegarde to discuss the $6 billion in funding for First Nations specific infrastructure projects in the latest Federal budget, why she instructed the Canadian Infrastructure Bank to set aside $1billion in loans for Indigenous specific investments and why infrastructure is a big part of the fight against Climate Change and what role First Nations play in that.

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