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The Agile Operations Podcast

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6 minutes: Virtually Rethinking Lunch and Company Meetings
June 25, 2019

Jessica Meher talking about the success in sending executives to remote offices during those company meetings. You want to give remote sales teams dealing with different time zones a good experience. Posting a conversation on our wiki it kept the convers.

5 Minutes: It's OK to not fix things until they break or are breaking.
May 13, 2019

Karen Rubin talked about the learning curve of operations with start ups. With startups, it's the 80/20 rule where 20% of the tasks take the most amount of time. Karen says, "But actually, 40% is good enough in startups on the operational side.Ask yourse.

5 minutes: Do you have a competitive mindset?
May 13, 2019

I go in and I ask a stupid question - so absurd like, "Why do we do it this way?" And I never get an answer. So I conclude that they are only doing it that way because that's how they've always done it. I ask, "Can we do it better?" and the answer is alw.

3 minutes: Does free Coke still work when you scale to 1000 employees?
May 06, 2019

Culture first and build all the other elements after. How do we want to scale? Think bigger picture. Free soda when there are 200 people is one thing. When you grow to over a 1,000, does it still work or do you have to take it away? You need a vision for.

4 minutes: Tattletales not welcome - figure it out on your own.
May 02, 2019

The key point in this clip from Episode 2 is if you come to a CEO with a decision you should make yourself, learn from that feedback. Don't bring complaints about another staff member to the CEO. This is not elementary school. Take your problems with a p.

3 minutes: Transparency and trust, please DFIUFE
April 26, 2019

Keep the company's best interest in mind. Don't pop a can of beer in the office before the 9 am meeting. There is shared accountability for things. Collective accountability is super powerful. We defer to this idea of trust, rather than of totally explic.

S1E1: What the Hell is DFIUFEE?
April 11, 2019

When you’ve built as many ventures as Dusty Davidson, you tend to learn quite a bit about building strong cultures, accelerating growth, and navigating the complicated process of building something great and sustainable. As the co-founder and CEO of the..

S1E2: How to Teach People to Think Like a CEO
April 11, 2019

Rob May thinks a lot about growing fast and empowering people to make the best decisions. As the co-founder of Talla and Backupify, he’s managed to learn how to go slow in order to go fast, and the importance of routine, high-quality employee training. ..

S1E3: Creating a Culture that Scales
April 11, 2019

Building a strong, diverse corporate culture is not easy, but if anyone has the framework down, it’s Christina Luconi. As the Chief People Officer at Rapid7, Christina has honed her ability to focus on authentic growth and operations instead of best pra..

S1E4: Achieving Organizational Self-Awareness
April 11, 2019

Few people spend as much time questioning startup conventional wisdom as Hiten Shah. Whether he’s re-evaluating existing processes or questioning best practices, Hiten always seems to find a way to do things better, faster and more nimbly than most. In ..