Agents Who Crush It In Real Estate

Agents Who Crush It In Real Estate

Denill Grimaud - Genuinely Caring & Tracking Your Business

July 01, 2021

“Detach from the outcome.” – Denill Grimaud

When everyone was on lockdown Denill could not sit still. He picked up the phone 5 days a week calling over 400 buyers

And guess what?

The call was NOT about anything real estate related!

“The call that you make is a call of care and nurture. You take yourself out of the equation and now you’re thinking about someone else. The call wasn’t a real estate call it was a “hey how is everyone? How is your family?” - Denill

He did not let the wave of COVID knock him down

What else has he done correctly?

Keeping his business organized

Tracking numbers was a reality check for him because the numbers don’t lie!

He created a sheet to track everything:

• Gratitude list – 10 things he is grateful for every morning

• Script practice

• Appointment practice

• 8 blocks that are lead generating sessions – set a goal of reaching a number of contacts per day

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