Agents Who Crush It In Real Estate

Agents Who Crush It In Real Estate

Latest Episodes

Julian Addy - Service Mindset
September 10, 2021

Carl & Lisa Gamberdella - Playing Off Each Other’s Strengths
August 24, 2021

Lear how this real estate team balances each other out

Amanda Finney - Queen of Efficiency
August 12, 2021

She details what her spreadsheets contain and what type of information she tracks

Rosalee DiScipio – Investing In Yourself
July 29, 2021

Learn about the ugly truth of real estate & how to invest in yourself

Jonathan Steingraber - Systemically Building a Brokerage Model
July 15, 2021

Learn how Jonathan structured the operations of his brokerage to grow and continuously support his agents

Denill Grimaud - Genuinely Caring & Tracking Your Business
July 01, 2021

Learn how Denill build relationships and keeps his business organized

Elisha Lynch - Habits of a Successful Agent
June 04, 2021

Learn how Elisha Lynch's habits helped build her book of business