After The License - Helping Real Estate Agents Build Their Business

After The License - Helping Real Estate Agents Build Their Business

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Best Social Media Strategy For Real Estate Agents
September 17, 2021

The best social media strategy for real estate agents is simpler than you think. Listen in as Jeff Buettner talks about how Realtors should approach social media, gives an exact social media strategy,

Your First Week In Real Estate
September 15, 2021

Your first week in real estate can be a little bit overwhelming. There is so much to learn and it’s hard to know what you should focus on first. In this video, I share my top four priorities for your

Find Your Real Estate Niche
September 13, 2021

 In this video, I’m going to share some tips and tricks for figuring out what market niche you should focus on. Watch on Youtube:

The 3 Things You Need To Build Your Business
September 10, 2021

Once you can boil your real estate biz down to these three things and really focus on them, you can start to see success. Watch on Youtube:

How To Find A Real Estate Mentor & How To Maximize Them
September 08, 2021

In this video, I share the three easiest ways to find a real estate mentor. Watch on Youtube:

The 4 Reasons Most Agents Fail
September 06, 2021

In this video, I share my top 4 tips for becoming successful in this competitive business and how you can avoid being another real estate agent failure. Watch on Youtube:

Taking A Leap of Faith
September 03, 2021

In this episode, I share reasons why taking a leap of faith can be a great thing and what you can do to avoid potential failure! Watch on Youtube:

The 3 Stages All Buyers Fall Into | Buyer Lead Funnel Explained
September 01, 2021

In this real estate podcast episode, Jeff talks about the real estate buyer lead funnel and exactly how you should think about it. Watch on Youtube:

Interview With Devonte Davis
August 31, 2021

Devonte Davis is a former engineer and now a full-time real estate agent in Buffalo, NY. Devonte talks about his path from engineer to real estate, how he uses social media, and books he recommends fo

Cold Calling VS Social Media
August 30, 2021

What lead generation source is better for Agents? In this video, we give pros and cons of both. Watch on Youtube: