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Money Can Buy You A Seat In Congress
September 17, 2021

Julie Hall says Auchincloss has little to no experience, yet because of his family name, he is given media time and presented as a subject matter expert on matters he is not well versed. The Colonel w

More Boots on the Ground Means More Cash for the Military-Industrial Complex
September 16, 2021

David McGrath does not mince words when describing Lloyd Austin, Mark Milly, and what is called the “Military-Industrial Complex.” Austin and Milley, he said, are not bright generals and have no real

Pushing Back Against Abortion and Corrupt Politicians
September 15, 2021

Irene Armendariz-Jackson describes abortion as the “ugly part of man that we could possibly think of dismembering a baby in the mother's womb.” The issue of abortion is the reason she is involved in p

California Recall has Major Implications for Republicans
September 14, 2021

A recall would not only trigger a new power balance in the state but in DC as well. For example, if a Republican is selected to replace Newsom in the recall, Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein, who has

Deliberately Not Upholding the Law as Crime Spikes Upward
September 11, 2021

The powers in New York City are “deliberately not upholding their jobs…their oath office” in favor of appeasing a woke progressive agenda. That agenda has resulted in increased shooting and murder rat

Being an Afghanistan Interpreter is a Death Sentence
September 10, 2021

The Afghan native said he couldn’t see how Biden’s team could leave the country in the hands of terrorists along with American weapons that will be used against the people there and possibly Americans

Hubris, Greed and Lies in Afghanistan
September 08, 2021

The military wasn’t prepared to leave the country because the generals thought they could convince Biden to stay longer and nation-build which is “big money” for the military elite and defense contrac

Controlling Americans Through Fear
September 05, 2021

How long will it be before everyone is forced to get vaccinated to participate in society and live a normal life? - Arizona Senate candidate John Goya joins “After Dark” to discuss the recent vaccine

Left Behind In Afghanistan
September 04, 2021

America and the world are looking for leadership during these tumultuous times, but none is found. Our enemies the Taliban, ISIS, and Al Qaeda are now emboldened. They are celebrating the withdrawal a

Holding Andrew Cuomo Personally Responsible for the Deaths of 22,000
September 03, 2021

Darren Aquino describes what Cuomo did to the elderly and veterans as criminal. He said he recommended the governor use “ the armory’s around the city” to house COVID patients but it didn’t happen. As