After Church

After Church

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Covid-19 and Jesus' Temptations
March 31, 2020

James discusses church gatherings in light of the Covid-19 outbreakSupport the show (

We Back!
February 22, 2020

James catches you up on life so far and the new schedule! AC is back, March 2020!Support the show (

Teleology and a Puddle
June 23, 2019

Does the "Puddle Analogy" refute the Teleological Argument?Support the show (

Common Pro-Abortion Arguments and How to Answer Them
June 16, 2019

Support the show (

5 Mistakes Commonly Made When Reading the Bible
May 20, 2019

Digging into some common errors we make as we approach the text. From only reading one verse to letter culture influence your understanding, these 5 mistakes can cause you to miss what God is wanting to say to you!Support the show (

Why the Scariest Verse of Scripture Isn't That Scary
May 12, 2019

Breaking down Matthew 7:21 to provide the encouragement it is meant to give.Support the show (

Alternative Explanations for the Resurrection and Why They Don't Work
May 05, 2019

A discussion on common theories to explain the data surrounding the events in Jerusalem surrounded the crucifixion and claims of the resurrection of Jesus. We examine the explanations to see if they can account for the data as well as the Resurrection.Sup

Why I Love Student Ministry
April 29, 2019

The challenges and joys of ministering to an age group that is experiencing the increasingly difficult journey through adolescence.Support the show (

Resurrection Day: Did it happen and what does it mean?
April 21, 2019

James does an overview of the historical evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus and unpacks the significance of the Son of Man returning to life.Support the show (

Prosperity Gospel: Basic Teachings
April 14, 2019

James covers a few common themes in Prosperity Gospel (Seed Faith) teaching and discusses how preachers attempt to justify their positions from scripture.Support the show (