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How to Fly to Australia Without Getting “Bumped” – AIR054
February 19, 2021

  - With the Australian government's international arrival caps still in place, getting back to Australia from overseas remains a huge challenge. In this episode, travel agent Alan Lam (a.k.a. madrooster on the Australian Frequent Flyer forum) shares ...

Hotel Loyalty Programs – AIR053
February 05, 2021

  - On the AFF on Air podcast, we often talk about the frequent flyer programs of airlines. But hotels are an equally important part of the travel experience, and hotel loyalty programs can offer some great perks (as well as free nights) to frequent g...

When Could “Normal” Travel Resume? – AIR052
January 22, 2021

  - Earlier this month, Qantas reopened international flight bookings for July 2021. But then, this week, Australia's current and former Chief Medical Officers both said they didn't expect regular international travel to Australia to resume until 2022...

Domestic Borders Are Reopening – AIR051
December 11, 2020

  - As 2020 draws to a close, there's finally some good news. Australian state borders are reopening, planes are back in the air, and more pilots are returning to work. One of them is Virgin Australia 737 pilot Chris Bournelis (a.k.a.

Earning Points for Paying Tax – AIR050
November 27, 2020

  - In 2009, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) began accepting payments by credit card. Many Australians have to pay tax anyway, so they took the opportunity to pay by card and earn frequent flyer points in the process. Since then,

Qantas Centenary – AIR049
November 13, 2020

  - On 16 November 1920, Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services (or QANTAS for short) was incoporated. This makes next Monday, 16 November 2020, the airline's 100th birthday! - But the story of the birth of Qantas goes far beyond the signi...

Aviation Enthusiast Builds 747 Flight Simulator in Garage – AIR048
October 30, 2020

  - Many Australians have used the travel downturn to work on projects around the house. Canberra-based Andrew Newnham, whose AFF handle is harvyk, is no exception. But instead of reseeding his lawn, installing a new kitchen or painting the house,

Flybuys Loyalty Program – AIR047
October 16, 2020

  - Flybuys Chief Operating Officer Phil Hawkins knows a thing or two about loyalty. He was with Flybuys right back when the Australian loyalty program launched in 1994! In this episode of AFF on AIR, Phil joins Matt to discuss all aspects of the Flyb...

Air Traffic Control – AIR046
October 02, 2020

  - Ever wondered what it's like being an Air Traffic Controller? In this episode Ian Robinson (a.k.a. iRobbo on AFF), who has been an Air Traffic Controller for almost 30 years, talks to Matt about what the job involves,

Vulnerable Australians Stranded Overseas – AIR045
September 18, 2020

  - Next week, the Australian government will increase the number of Australians that can arrive each week from 4,000 to around 6,000 people. This is a welcome step forward and will definitely help to clear the backlog of Australians stranded overseas...