The Easy Living Yards Podcast

The Easy Living Yards Podcast

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Ecological Landscaping – You can make a difference ELY108
August 07, 2020

Ecological Landscaping - Your actions matter - Show Notes Why your conscious choices make a difference Today’s links: Eco Friendly Landscaping Facebook Group Find your local Wild Ones chapter to find like-minded people Ask Ben a Questi

Prairie Gardening – Ecological Landscaping ELY107
July 31, 2020

How to create a prairie garden - Show Notes Creating a prairie garden A prairie garden, meadow garden, wildflower garden – whatever you want to call it – is a beautiful ecological landscaping to provide healthy native plant habitat in your yard in a beau

How to Start Eco Friendly Landscaping – ELY 106
July 02, 2020

How to Start Eco Friendly Landscaping - Show Notes Today’s links: Sign up for the webinar on July 9 2020 "5 Easy Steps to an Eco Friendly Yard" Members Jen & Gary - Awesome example of Eco Friendly Landscaping Join the "I Help Save The

Organic Gardening Basics – ELY105
June 09, 2020

Organic Gardening Basics - Show Notes Have you dreamed of walking into your yard to a fresh organic garden? Do you want to know how to start a garden? This episode covers the basics of how to garden if you have no idea where to start! Resources for How t

Beautiful Eco-Friendly Landscaping-ELY104
May 08, 2020

Beautiful Eco-Friendly Landscaping with Jen & Gary - ELY 104 - Show Notes Today I talk with Jen and Gary on a membership call about their eco landscaping plans and how to focus all of their cool ideas into a cohesive landscape design that works for them!

Applying Permaculture-ELY103
April 22, 2020

Permaculture is cool for sustainable living, but does permaculture mean anything for your lifestyle? Here's how to apply permaculture design to your life.

Garden Season Kickoff 2020 – ELY102
April 15, 2020

Easy Gardening Season Kickoff 2020 - Show Notes Let's step away from life's drudgery and stress and think about how we can make a positive change in our lives and world with some simple focus on the land around our house that we call a yard. What are you

What is Permaculture-ELY 101
February 05, 2020

What is permaculture? - Show Notes I love permaculture. But what is it?  Today we cover what permaculture is and how it has the potential to change your worldview and life.  Permaculture is a design concept has certainly changed my entire worldview and i

January 17, 2020

ELY100 - Snapshots - Show Notes Today is cause for celebration!  Reflecting on a journey of 100 episodes focused on positive change.  Thanks to all of you who have helped to manifest my vision of creating beautiful, purposeful, eco friendly landscapes ac

2020 Goals-ELY099
January 08, 2020

ELY 099 - 2020 Goals: Show Notes Today’s links: Ask Ben a Question for Free! Create the yard you deserve in the ELY Membership! Find me on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest 2020 Goals for a new decade      Are you ready for a new decade