Adventures with Grammy

Adventures with Grammy

Episode 43. Heart Surgeon Shows People How to Stay Off His Operating Table

October 28, 2021

Stay Off My Operating Table will be available in print, e-book and audio formats November 11, 2021, from most booksellers.


Dr. Ovadia's newsletter signup and metabolic health quiz:


How to judge your metabolic health:


Waist (less than)
35 inches
40 inches

BP systolic/diastolic

Fasting glucose level
Less than 100
Less than 100

Cholesterol HDL
More than 50
More than 40

Less than 150
Less than 150


triglycerides divided by HDL equals insulin resistance



Gary Taubes



I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Philip Ovadia, a heart surgeon who has lost more than 100 pounds and has kept those pounds off for many years. He has written a fascinating book: STAY OFF MY OPERATING TABLE: A HEART SURGEON’S METABOLIC HEALTH GUIDE TO LOSE WEIGHT, PREVENT DISEASE, AND FEEL YOUR BEST EVERY DAY.

As with many Americans, I need to lose weight. I look at pictures from 10 years ago and wonder how did these pounds creep up on me? I find it harder and harder to lose weight. I used to be able to walk a little faster, exercise a bit longer or lay off the ice cream for a few weeks and the pounds would come off. That’s not working for me now.

After reading an advance copy of his book and interviewing Dr. Ovadia, I know metabolic health is more important than the number on the scale. Dr. Ovadia gives us five measures to determine our metabolic health, and I am pleased only one of my numbers is off, but there’s a thin Carolyn inside me and I want her back.

If any of you are interested in joining me on a weight loss challenge, please send me an e-mail and let’s do this together!

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